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Rejection arranged marriage

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Jasmine and Oscar has both been engaged for 3years and 4months, they have been the toast of the community for several months. One day her parents received a notice that the engagement between Jasmine and Oscar was over. Jasmine was heartbroken, she even went to meet Oscar but he humiliated her in front of his new fiancee Melissa, and they turned her into a laughing stock. Jasmine left dejected, she had given Oscar all she had her love, her trust,her body,mind and soul. What will happen now Jasmine found out that she is pregnant for Oscar and Oscar doesn't want her anymore.

DaoistxK73vX · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings


Lilian Moonstone a normal girl in school who lost both her parents at a young age and stayed with her uncle,Joshua,and his girlfriend,Mariam,but no knew she was abused by her uncle.In school,she was a nerd and was bullied but no one notices her scares and bruises made by her uncle. Hayden Kingstan the bad boy that break school rules with his friends.Slept around with different girls but never date. What if everything changed and Lilian secrets was out in the open.She was sold to marry the school bad boy.Would she be happy and safe without her uncle or terrified to be with the school bad boy?Would she fall for Hayden Kingstan looks?

Arfah_Zainol · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings