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Rise of Princess Alice's Kingdom: Zombie Apocalypse (Original)

Rise of Princess Alice's Kingdom: Zombie Apocalypse (Original)

Once upon a time, there was a princess, named Alice. She was not a typical woman, she was brave and fearless to rule her people and her kingdom. All of a sudden, Kingdom Alicesha collapsed and plunged because of an unexpected zombies apocalypse. Hence, Alice was fully determined to protect; to save her people; her homeland and her younger sister. Along the way of searching for the elusive mage, Alice met someone who came from afar kingdom, without knowing that their lives will be changed since that day. However, what will Princess Alice do when she finds out the truth about her sister? Can she endure and withstand the mind-blowing revelations? Or traitors will succeed in stealing the throne from her in the midst of a phenomenon. ______________________________________________ Rise of Princess Alice's Kingdom: Zombies Apocalypse is my original work. This novel is unedited. Expect the worst of all worst, yet keep it into yourselves. (Reviews are highly appreciated.) Credits to the right owner of my cover photo, Google.com PS: Ping me on Discord Maryixxx#4838 if you want to be part of my butterflies! Thank you so much!

Maryixxx · Historical Romance