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The Adventures of Lucky Riot

What is a Mystic Pharaoh? A shining light within the most bottomless abyss? A beacon of strength in the face of calamity? A warrior unrestrained by the physical plane, standing united with the natural elements? All races worship the Celestial Pharaohs as the gods among ants. Until the day the smallest and weakest of the ants rose up in resistance! In the Magi Era, humanity has discovered the wonders of magic! This brought humans, the race once thought to be the weakest existence, to the peak of competition with the universe's strongest races! Unfortunately, not everyone can be in that competition. Even though Lucky Riot spent his whole life being looked down on, he still never looked down on himself. He knew he was destined to eclipse the glory of all others! It was what Lucky was born to do. In an age where humanity has discovered the secrets of the universe or the ability to utilize origin energy, becoming magi is the only way to earn respect! However, Lucky seems to have zero talent in cultivating! Of course, that was all before the day he punched a hole into someone's face! "Should I yield due to someone claiming their birth is nobler than my own? No! If they say I can not have her, I will make her mine regardless! If they consider me slow, I will outpace them! If they consider me a minor character, I will outgrow them! If they say I am inferior, I will simply surpass them! Who will stop me then?" Join Lucky as he awakens the power that sleeps within and discovers the ever-changing world of the mystics!

IvoryDragon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

An NPC Challenges the Dark Lord(LN)

The universe is ruled not by the gods but by one player Yami. Yami is in search for every skill and has embarked on a path to prevent any other player from becoming as powerful as Yami. Yami is the top player of "Endless Probability", currently the #1 RPG Game on Earth. Later on, the gods become fearful of Yami's creativity with the "endless" mechanics of the game and thus plan to destroy Yami as the Dark Lord grows stronger eliminating players considered as a threat. The gods then figured out to hide Yami's hopeful demise through an NPC. The gods' plan is not guaranteed.

Imbster · Fantasy
Not enough ratings


The World After A Virus Attack. After the great pandemic the human and all living creatures are divided into four types: Unaffected - The People who are not affected by the virus. Defectives - The People with light mutation caused by the virus Killers - The People who are partially mutated by the virus and got powers Mutated - The complete mutated ones and the antagonists of the story. Will the world's fate gonna change by the hands of some defectives? Read for the Complete story Special Thanks for, Dragon Kid, Avee Lamperouge, Sadham Hussain. By, Author, SMSian.

SMSian · Martial Arts

Since Living Peaacefully is Impossible , Lets make more Chaos.

FaustValeL · Fantasy
Not enough ratings