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Cthulhu Gonfalon

Cthulhu Gonfalon

In the world, there were gods who obeyed the rules, whether good or evil. But there were also evil gods who defied the rules. When a traverser was confronted by the rules that he could never conform to, the resulting collision marks the beginning of the story of an evil god… This is the story of a good man who transformed into a great jellyfish, then traversed his world to arrive at a world of swords and magic. His journey of searching and exploring eventually led to him remaking nature and changing the world.

Chu bai · Fantasy
Strange Life of a Cat

Strange Life of a Cat

Zheng Tan returned to 2003 in the form of a black cat. He was found by the Jiao family and named 'Charcoal'. The mind of a twenty-years-old man trapped in the body of the cat, challenges and adventures were just getting started.

Lazy Cliché · Magical Realism