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COMA: Code/Astra

I'm supposed to just be a slightly normal highschool student... Who would have known that it will all end up like this? "I'm here." In the face of a hopeless future, how would you live your life...? It is a question that we faced back then. A question that most of them solved by not answering it. Living and living only for what will give them pleasure. Not caring for anything that will or may happen. Not caring if anyone will be hurt by their actions... For them, there are no rules... no remorse... no thought of what will happen next... They are prepared to lose everything to be happy. This was how the common populace has lived their lives. "Operative Excel. Reporting in." And yet here am I, denying what I want to do and fighting to change the tomorrow that I don't want to live in. To win against this unfair world, I had to be a monster that no one can trample on. Numb yourself. Lose your fears. Earn your stripes... My name is Ephraim Chronia. This is how I, someone who is meant to just be normal, was given the chance to decide the future of this ruined world. "Fight." This is my war against this world.

Ephraim_Chronia ยท Sci-fi
Not enough ratings