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King Dark was a popular webtoon created by Shantal Sun, a modern-day vampire whose family was infected by a virus-caused by chemical spoilage in a laboratory in the 1820s. This turned them into humans that never grew old and had a lifespan like a vampire. It also affected their stamina, and so they needed human energy to sustain a certain level. But for her, it's just another excuse to never go on a date. Truthfully she is a homebody. So, the only time she steps out of the house is when she needed that stamina. She would either go jogging or visit the grocery store if there's a sale. Because aside from getting what she needs due to the influx of people, she would also get a discounted price from her favorite apple jam. (She likes apples a lot and would've literally lived with just one apple per day.) In real life, she has lots of fanboys who regularly send gifts to her. This includes the youngest CEO and founder of Maze Cloud Corporation—the digital distributor recognized because he already felt honored, seeing his face used as the reference for the main character, King Dark. Although, probably they never had met before, for he is the mysterious CEO in the alternate universe. No one has ever seen his face, only a few people in his life because he wants to protect his identity as a mythical spirit fox. You read it right. He is a nine-tailed fox, but he doesn't like human blood. He is just addicted to peach ice cream. But when their stars align, would they take the chance to meet in the middle? Or would they continue to deny their destination? It is a story about a vampire and a fox.

heavicedcoffee · Fantasy
Not enough ratings