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Finding Oneself

Space, the beautiful expanse of glittering stars of hot gas, planets and solar systems, and galaxies! All in the vast unknown. I see why people want to become astronauts and astronomers; they wish to study this great unknown and see all that it has to offer. They want to learn all that Space has to offer them, uncover the secrets of its greatness, test the limits of their knowledge and see how far they'll go, adventure into the great unknown. I see why they love space so much. Not just because of the beauty but also the feeling of accomplishment when they reach this supposedly impossible heights. They're accomplishment in building a rocket and getting humans into space! Except I didn't arrive by rocket! I got kidnapped by aliens! Yes ALIENS! No they didn't probe me! They just split my personalities and gave them a physical form! Oops, too soon?!

AuEagle18 ยท Teen
Not enough ratings