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Taken ~ Taekook

After a fight that leads to Taehyung breaking up with Jungkook he gets a call that makes his heart drop and makes him regret every dumb word he said. Jungkook loves Taehyung and all he wishes is to get back together and apologize. On the call he finds out Taehyung was kidnapped and now all Jungkook wishes that he never said those things to Taehyung if he knew this could be the last time he sees Taehyung (ever) Will Jungkook get Taehyung back or will Taehyung be taken from him forever? Read to find out.

_Do_YoU_kNoW_bTs_ · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

An Artist Colors

Matthew is a 16-year-old that shares his best befriend Charlie with his enemy Collin. But is Collin everything Matthew believes? Collin is older than Matthew by only four months and there has been competition between him and Matthew ever since Matthew moved to the same school as him. Matthew has just ignored ever trying to be friends with Collin up until it's Collin's birthday. The story starts on Collin's birthday, January 7th, and sparks seem to fly. Will they be able to put hate aside and cross the line towards love or will the past haunt them too much to settle things out? A year ago Collin went into the custody of his uncle Victor because of the death of his father. Most would be sad at their father's death but he was relieved. Why is the question Matthew has asked and he has always wondered how he can be okay with so much attention? This story contains flashbacks that talk about rape and death along with self-harming and sexual harassment. This book was written to encourage mental health and encourage different types of coping mechanisms other than self-harm.

Weird_BLue_16 · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings


Otto Kettering was about to be sent to prison for life if not for the sudden death caused by car. The last glance he had of his sister before he fell face foreword into the ground dead. The darkness was soon lighted as he looked around.

Katzenliebe · Fantasy
Not enough ratings