King of Assassins
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King of Assassins

Master Stepping on Snow

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The most dependable (sarcastic) assassin -- Gao Xuan. Developing himself with an inventory of powerful gear. A master of biding his time, backstabbing, and brutalizing weaklings. Don’t love me. Nothing would come out of this. I am an assassin without feelings.

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petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


Hmmm... Why does the cover look so familiar? *cough* *cough* History’s Number One Founder *cough* *cough*


I dropped it at Chapter 27 so here's a summary of this novel in 27 chapters. So basically the mc returned from the future (100 years) where humanity almost or went extinct. He is raised in an organisation that deals in assassination. Oh, did I forgot that something called Heavenly-winged cicada (whatever) went with him back in time? No? Now you know. It raise his perception - also, he is rediculous handsome. Oh, you don't care? neither do I but it's mentioned a lot of times in this novel. So I thought might aswell tell you. Uhmm... There are items called miracle items that basically is fantasy level items with amazing effects and consequences like the (small spoiler and also the fact I dropped this novel) heavenly (something) dragon eye. It give him the ability of sight and other things that I don't remember. So the consequences are the bloodline heritage and that basically makes him constantly having the urge to mate and spread his genes. But here's the catch. he travels with his good friend (female) who obediently follows his orders and trust him completely. So yes, he didn't r*pe her anything like that, just that he chose other women to have s*x with so I don't know, didn't like that. It's pretty obvious that his friend will become the FL so when he chose someone else to have s*x with, it didn't really sit well with me because sometimes (mostly/frequently) that means it will become a harem. And I hate harems to the core. And yeah, the novel is cool unless you're like me who hate what I just mentioned. Translation - 5* (you can read smoothly) SoU - 5* (trial read, always 5 stars) Story Development - 1* (I just hate his choice, it's original 4 star) Character Design - 3* (Just because the mc has an unique side effect it makes a little bit better but like anything else he is extremely handsome (cliche) and his friend is extremely cold like all the other extreme beauties) World background - 4* (I don't know with 40 chapters but I guess it's quite explained, I'll just give it a 4 star)


This novel is like a nightmare. It’s a portrayal of everything wrong with China amplified on a galactic scale (literally). The society in the novel is vain, unintelligible, full of corruption, lawless, dystopian, etc. It’s really ironic whenever I read these types of novels becuase the author is clearly writing this to be a horrible society, but doesn’t realize that they are replicating China (or maybe they do). I am disappointed more and more with the new novels on this site. Is it so hard for Chinese authors to write something original or not downright stupid? Chapters 1-40 were not too bad of a read except for a few small things. Immediately gets weird from 41-50 and you can tell the story quality has dropped. This continues for roughly 100 chapters. After chapter 150 the novel devolves into a load of grabage. Its essentially just the same face-slapping garbage cultivation novel but with even more stupid idiots. Everyone ‘investigates in detail’ the MC but somehow always miss the blaringly obvious. Here’s the key issue: the MC is somehow the ‘King of Assassins’ but exposes himself and does extremely stupid shit constantly that could’ve easily been avoided without any difficulty. Sometimes he cleans up the loose ends 20-40 chapters later, but the only reason he gets away with it is plot armor. He says he doesn’t want to alert the enemy, and then he goes and creates mayhem and alerts the enemy. Don’t even get me started on the author’s obsession with China in this one. I am reminded by the author at least once every 10 chapters how China conquered the universe. Apparently 80% of all humans in the universe are Chinese becuase China is “the best at colonizing and adapting.” I don’t think China remembers that they were the one who always got invaded and conquered... According to the novel more than 3000 years have passed since the colonization period and the government is now “The Alliance,” yet somehow people are proud of their ‘Chinese blood’? Everyone always refers to their Chinese blood when they get offended and for some reason that makes them unable to withstand offense. (Starting to think that Chinese people might have a complex). Let’s list some of the other things: - Traditional Chinese arhitecture is somehow more expensive than gigantic skyscrapers - New Year’s is on Jan 1 but for some reason it lasts 10 days and everyone gives red packets? (Don’t really understand why the author felt the need to use the Western New Year’s Day instead of Chinese New Year... maybe its their complex again). Honestly, I’ve vented enough by now and am too tired to elaborate more. I’m still going to continue reading the novel as there’s nothing else, so maybe I’ll feel more aggrivated and add on to the review.


first......would change the review after reading....for now it looks promising from the synopsis[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Petition to bring back World's Best Martial Artist and a couple of others.................................................................................................................. Don't blame me for low rating, they will either not pick this novel at all or drop it midway anyway.


Atleast use your orginal cover and NC disciption. This novel is BS. I will not recommend to both Old and New reader. ONE OF THE WORST MC..


My honest opinion: This story is 20% as good as Reverend Insanity! The protagonist Gao Xuan likewise has 20% of the Fang Yuan's charisma. The plot itself is also only 20% as good as Reverend Insanity... But even 1/5 of Reverend Insanity makes this book a terribly entertaining read! --- I would advise all prospective readers to continue to at least chapter 20 before quitting the story (the beginning was utterly nonsensical) ---


This is probably the best novel out the current batch. thats all. ................................................................................................................................................. 2021 baby


I really like this novel and I hope that it’s picked. The plot and overall storyline is very interesting and refreshing to read. The novel is taking an over played genre and making something new and I am interested in seeing where it would go.


great read. had my attention the whole time. definitely one that wasnt easy to put down. looking forward to some kind of further installment


Like the story so far let's hope the keep it and update it regularly. Has a interesting version of cultivation rankings as well as a good mix of technology. will be interesting to see how the continue to mesh.


keep writing it's a great story maybe it will get picked up.


this book is pretty much interesting before even I started reading it!!the synopsis is catchy😍the quote that appears when you first open it to read is so beautiful to😍🔥"a strong man can save himself,a great man can save others"I LOVE this quote so much😍😍🔥wish you all the luck😍😍🔥🔥🔥I will absolutely continue reading it after I finish my exams🥰


This story was amazing great terrific even but the problem is that he just had to become a stallion(*** w/ girls maybe even guys sometimes)...im sorry but i cant with such things so im leaving it. It was super good too


If u like novels like warlock of magus world or Sinful life of emperor, then this is for u. This book is a good example of a mc centred on dark humour and intelligence who wouldn't mind doing anything to reach his goal.


This novel is good ... Some cons: 1.arrogant character 2.no love but MC is playboy but no harem 3. MC is too overpowered and arrogant 5. Some cliche stuffs Pros: 1. I like it 2. I like it 3. I like it


It’s one of the best trial reads at the moment. I especially like how the items complement each other, one items weakness is taken care of by another.


Reveal spoiler


False advertising! It's like a catfish but with a novel plot. I was finally hoping for a fully committed assassin MC in a novel but I got reader-blocked. The world background is interesting with a similar-ish power system to Insanity kinda. (Not really but closest description I could think of) however I dont care has this book has an in accurate synopsis.


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