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arrange marriage or arrange love

jing lihua she is the only hiress of the tang corporations she is noble and she is beautiful every man thing her how to go near her lihua she can do what she thinks she is spoiled by her father and one more thing we should known about her she isn't a only hiress of the tang corporations she has her own empair and she built her own without any one help she is a haker and she is a software developer lu yichen he is the the most eligible bachelor in whole country and he become a business tycoon within two years they grand fathers are best friend and they think to become a in laws this ides is geat one of the grand father said they created the marriage bond they promised themselves we should give them the most beautiful wedding we should not tell them they are engaged but we have to carefull right but we should tell them they have a fiancee so they never cross the line awe created

mohansri · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Takdir Terindah

Faeeq Danial merupakan seorang yang bersikap pembersih. Dia tidak akan bertolak ansur dengan habuk atau kekotoran.Kerjayanya sebagai C.O Pilot membuatkannya lebih teliti .Maira Melissa juga gadis yang sejenis tidak pandai membuat kerja rumah dan serabut .Dia juga gadis yang sejenis tidak suka akan lelaki yang poyo sepertinya . Jerman menjadi destinasi antara pertemuannya dengan si editor yang cemerkap seperti Maira Melissa. Rupa - rupanya dia bercinta dengan gadis yang tua 2 tahun darinya. Mampukah hubungan mereka untuk menjadi suami isteri akan kekal bahagia ? Mampukah Faeeq Danial menawan hati gadis itu ?

daisystarlight · Percintaan Anak Muda
Not enough ratings