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The Forgotten Memories : SHIO KAIBA

Everyone is afraid of something. Some people are afraid of spiders, some were afraid of heights, some were afraid of being left alone and many more. It was called a "Phobia". This feeling takes form in different ways, caused by different set of reasons, and has their own different solutions, but despite having a lot of causes, phobias can be cured by doing one particular solution... and it is... "TO FIND THE ORIGIN OF YOUR PHOBIA AND REPEATEDLY EXPOSE YOURSELF TO IT SAFELY." But take note that not every phobia can be cured easily, because it is connected to you more than any other. Maybe it is because of a grudge, a negative experience, or a trauma. It is normal to be afraid, but letting it control yourself is not normal. Just like Shio Kaiba, the subject of this story. She's a person who is afraid of many things, she does everything she can to avoid the things that she is afraid of in order to make herself reliable. However, something happened that forced her to face her fear, she was forced to go into a place where all of a person's fears will exist in a more traumatizing way. This place doesn't have any records that can explain why it is like that. It also doesn't have any files of people living in it. Which leads to the question.... Will this place help her to face her fear and cure her phobia? or will this place make her case worse than before? -----------------------------------------------‐----------------------- Disclaimer: All of the Characters, Story, Places, and Events is part of the Original Idea of the Author while writing the book. Any similarities found in this story to other stories or real-life situation is just a mere coincidence.

SSKV_R3D · Contemporary Romance

The System - A Wildflower Series

Post apocalyptic seventeen year old Lumina Posh is perfectly happy serving the System for the rest of her life like the rest of the Clean Bloods, she is actually looking forward to when her testing is over and she is sent away to serve. But her life is soon turned upside down when her family is moved all the way from the safe high walls of Canada to the free country of Australia, where she is given a new partner who asks too many questions and seems to know secrets about the System. And the worst part is now she wants to know the answers to these questions. With the System always watching and the Infected on just the other side of the perimeter there is not much time for Lumina to snoop and find out why the System has such tight rules for the New Worlders. She understands that the human race would be extinct without the System because before the System was in place, the world was full of famine, war, and sickness. Now no one goes hungry or makes choices for themselves and the Infected are far away from the Clean Bloods. In this new world there is no upper class or wealthy because everything is paid for from the vein in your wrist. Blood being the only thing that the great System cannot create has caused them to become obsessed with it. Lumina's father has high hopes for her that she will be the first person to create synthetic blood but she fears what need of human life will be left after the System has their own blood too. There are two choices in the System - to live and obey OR be sent to the Undergrounds and die. Lumina is on a race against the clock to find the answers she needs from the System before she is tested and sent away for good. Will the answers she seek free her from a life of serving the System or will she be sent to the Undergrounds?

pineapple_daydream · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings

Minsan Naging Akin

" Hindi ako para sayo mahal, pero alam ko na ikaw para saakin " The girl who's sacrifice for her man, even thought she is sick Sept 10 2017 All rights reserved By the author Bamnieellandmic " Copying own of their works is illegal according by the law "

bamnieellandmic · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

The 16th Avenue

Mila Knightley, a psychologist recently graduated, is assigned to make a full analysis of her first official patient: Maxerich Cavannagh, charming, young, haunting eyes. A man who lives in a prison and in trial for... murder?

PurpleOcean · Teen
Not enough ratings