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Billionaire's Unpredictable Love

The story is about two different kind of people, one is cold, ruthless billionaire Sidharth Jha and other is naughty, mischievous and naive girl Divya Singh whom Sidharth hated with his whole heart. What happened in their life so Divya occupied Sidharth's whole heart so strongly so she became light of his cold and dark life. Author Note- Everything is fictional, only mere imagination,not related to any person either dead or living. If you feel stressed and offended, please avoid reading.

Devyanimishra · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Amara Chanchlani: My sweet 4 love

Four love story, Four Men and an enigmatic one girl. But the mystery is who is Mr Right? She is a mystery and she turns everything around her into Mystery. She falls for the sweet, then passionate and then mysterious and then....it hard to say who is he to her. it is hard to comprehend who she is? How she is? Thrill-seeking, creating trouble or hacking into the most secret confidential file that can turn the government upside down. She is best at it, the master of the art actually and in love if she really lucky or not that depends on who is reading her story. Meet Amara Chanchlani, The elite Hacker or as she dub herself 'a tech artist's. Her family knows her as sweet girl who had big responsibilities and turn her life as best as she can in such a young age. But she has another name as most of the dark side of people known her as.....the 'blacksky' It is her one love story. mafia, possive billionaire

amy2097 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings