The General Who Hates MeThe General Who Hates Me

The General Who Hates Me

by EUSTOMA_reyna

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She fell in love at first sight and did everything to conquer the man of her dreams... Her General... --- Zacharias Lim was a loyal, diligent and persevering soldier. Despite his poor background, he had managed to rise steadily from the lowest rank of a Private to the youngest and one of the most respected Generals in his country. He was a principled man who always acted by the book and followed every rule. Because he had grown up in a poverty-stricken condition and having had to work extremely hard to get to where he was now, he detested people who didn't appreciate life just because they were lucky enough to have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth. That was until he met Keira Chan... Keira Chan was a beautiful, bright, mischievous and confident young woman who always knew what she wanted. Having been born as the only daughter of one of the richest and most prominent families in the country, where gold was treated as sand, she had always led a carefree life and she could always get what she wanted without having to exert much effort. That was until she met Zacharias Lim... It just so happened that she fell in love with the young General at first sight and was set to win his heart. And thus her laborious but hilarious journey to get him to be her man ensued... ====== Excerpt: His forehead creased as his face darkened. Then he whispered, "Keira Chan! What are you doing to me?! Do you think I'm a toy you can play with any time you want to?" "Huh?" Keira gasped as her lips slightly opened, she looked confused as she stared into Zach's eyes. She felt like his eyes were piercing deep into her bones. She tried to open her mouth to say something but nothing came up. Zach lowered his gaze down to her slightly opened lips. Those lips had been haunting him and giving him sleepless nights… Unconsciously, Keira bit her lip and heard Zach curse. Before she knew it, Zach abruptly pulled her towards him and kissed her lips. Her eyes widened and at that same time, she saw a falling star shining brightly in the sky. warning: R-18 content * No Rape =========== Author's Note: Hope you enjoy reading this ORIGINAL novel of mine. I love romance with happy endings so this is a happy ending. If you like the story and would love to support the author personally, you could donate through: Buy me a Coffee -- https://ko-fi.com/eustoma Paypal Account -- paypal.me/eustoma Many thanks in advance for your support. With Lots of Love, EUSTOMA_reyna PS. My Other Hate & Love Series (Standalone Book) follows: The CEO Who Hates Me (completed) The General Who Hates Me (completed) The Doctor Who Loves Me (completed) Loving A Heartless Lawyer (in writing) contact me at: Discord Link: https://discord.gg/PNGkTUy Facebook Page: @eustoma.reyna twitter: @EUSTOMA_reyna instagram: eustoma_reyna

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