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Deea_Khairinaa · Romansa Anak Muda
Not enough ratings

Someone Else's Star (Chain Island Series #1)

Left with no choice but to flee, Yvonne Xia Dion left home to find herself in a place called barangay kalikasan in Cebu, her Nana's hometown. Literally to her amazement it was a small paradise at the center of its city. But upon her arrival, she was faced with a harsh way of life she could not imagine, and for which she was ruefully unprepared. In her Nana's place she met a handsome and fiercely rude and proud man who taught her the power of desire and showed her the meaning of love. Now she was torn between the man she could not resist and the man she should be tied in agreement to her fathers will. Who should she choose to and where will her heart leads her again this time?

lenegallarde · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings