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HARU'S WORLD: and the circle of life

HARU'S WORLD: and the circle of life

Many people have gone missing without leaving any traces. Legends believe that there is a secret door hidden somewhere at Kumamoto's Shintama High School. A door that pulls people in it and takes them to a world from where they can never return. Although that is just a mythical rumor Shintama High has finally recovered to be a normal school. But what happens when some of the students start to disappear again. After returning back from Tokyo Haru and his childhood best friend Mina and their team set on a life-changing adventure to unlock the deepest,darkest mysteries of Shintama High. But as they dig in they end up falling deeper and deeper. Will Haru and his team be able to find and save all the people from the chains of the door or will they end up falling prey to it? Enter into the magical and mysterious world of fantasy and discover along, the story of five high school students trying to find the true meaning of life. And the fate of the destiny-bound Haru.

Laika_Meer · Fantasy
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