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“Why is the Alpha King here?” Dominic instantly questions me. “And why did he seem pissed off to see you with me? Why didn’t you kneel? Why was he with Maddy? Since you didn’t kneel then there must be a reason why his power isn’t affecting you. Tell me how do you know that man? I need to know for your safety. Tell me everything.” I drag him into the ally behind the club and start to tell him everything from the dreams to this morning. I watch as dread washes over his face and he starts to pace. He rubs his hands trough his hair and over his face. He kept mumbling about how he is fucking screwed and that he should have seen it earlier. After half of an hour of him doing that, I finally stop him. “Hey what are you talking about?” I question him as I wrap my hands around his neck. He instantly unwraps them then puts three feet between us. “Mailynn can you not see that you are his. The dreams weren’t warnings about him. They were letting you see your mate so that you can find him. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!!! I am so dead for just touching you. He is going to freak when he finds out the rest. Oh gods he is going to kill me. It makes sense as to why your magic is blue and that you are so powerful.” he explained but he was cut off by another voice. “He is right you know. But I will not kill him after all he didn’t know. I’m not the monster that everyone thinks I am.” I spin around and come face to face with the Alpha’s. “Hi. I haven’t gotten the chance to introduce myself. I am Luki Rhome, your mate and king.” Luki introduces himself as he kneels to me.

Navy10v3 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings