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Sons of High Society


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What is Sons of High Society

Sons of High Society is a popular web novel written by the author TheRedQueen, covering SMUT, MATURE, FEMALE, CRIME, MALE, MYSTERY, PLOTTWISTS, COMEDICRELIEF, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.8M readers with an average rating of 4.77/5 and 173 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 70 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


What happens if the person you thought you hated the most turned out to be the one who loves you ceaselessly, unconditionally, and passionately? Status: Completed ... Xue Guangli was a young woman who followed her mother’s legacy; she won’t marry to get above her status. She will earn it. However, when a tragedy struck her home, she lost sight of the things she wanted. To get her life in order, she must regain the classy legacy she left behind, find the real suspect of her mother’s killer, and pave a way through the challenges thrown at her. But when it comes to her mother’s murder trial, Xue Guangli is forced to get help from the man she hates the most—Long Huojin. Long Huojin is an achingly handsome and devastatingly perfect successor of a large conglomerate, but the two never got along. Xue Guangli hated Long Huojin for most of her life—so much that when he looks at her, she can hardly breathe. Long Huojin, on the other hand, secretly pines for Xue Guangli patiently waiting for the day she’ll let him in. ***Novel Completed at Chapter 70*** —— “Her eyes dropped to the hollow of his throat, to the bob of his Adam's apple. Her gaze lingered and stopped at his mouth, at the seams of his lips. It hadn't occurred to her what it would feel like to taste them.” Keywords: Male Lead; Female Lead; Romance; Crime Drama; Strong Female Protagonist; Respectful Male Lead; No Prolonged Misunderstandings; No Sexual Assault; No Evil Sisters; Detailed Smut; 18+ —— Other Works: Daughters of the Elite (4.8) A Song For a Summer's Night Art cover isn't mine. Will remove when asked.


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Hello!!! Author Here! I want to explain my story further here: The male lead initially has some antagonism because of how others portray him. But he’s very nice to the female lead who stubbornly hates him. It’s a slow start but it quickens as it will be a short novel, and it will be more romance than crime-drama. Also, if you guys know my style of writing, there will be steamy scenes so it’s going to be 18+ I recommend reading my first book “Daughters of the Elite,” to catch on characters on this book BUT it is NOT necessary to read it to tag along this one. Thank you and feel free to leave an honest review! 😊❤️


FINALLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 i've been waiting for this book after I've finished reading "Daughter of the elite".... For those, first timer reading this author's book, it it highly recommended to read the first book 😉😉😉... I'm looking forward to this dear author 😘😘🤔🤔


I enjoyed reading this book from the beginning to the end. Great job and much love from me to u 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


It's a story where every chapter makes reader interesting .....and also the story line is good, characters are very well portrayed.....hoping new stories to come from the author 😍😃


Very interesting story, the characters come together well. I especially like the bond of the sisters & with the addition of their partners, its exciting. Truly a thrilling book. Good work author


The story is very good. It has a lot of trials but in the end they still end with each other. I hope the story will be have season 2 because its short. Anyways thank you author and teammates!!!


Interesting and captivating storyline with wonderful characters especially the main characters. So far it's been quite an impressive journey reading this book.


This is a feel good novel, and I found it to be very nicely written. The story length was quite good, I like how the story was quick, the conflicts were resolved right away. I would definitely recommend this novel. ❤👍😁


I abso-fvckin-lutely love this!! It's the first book ever that I finished from webnovel. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! TRUST ME , YOU'LL LOVE IT!! I have other books I love from webnovel but I'm too poor to read 2000+ chapters and this is just too perfect for my soul and bank account ! 😂. Thank you Auhor @TheRedQueen 👑😘🥰


It was an amazing story. Guys read this and it's spin off DAUGHTERS OF ELITE and sequel A SONG FOR A SUMMER'S NIGHT. Must read and encourage the author to write more♥️


Thank you Author for the beautiful story 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 I like to read your work.. specially as u portray female leads too as strong Characters ... Dear Author. Keep writing 💕💕💕💕




This one is remarkable. It is not overly dramatic. It is very real. This is what hapoens in real life. The story is so believable and crisp. Thank for keeping it short. Highly recommended!!


I really like this story specially the main characters their love story is great and also other love stories are good too when i read your first book "Daughter of elite"in that when you introduce Long Huojin and Cue Guangli i was really excited to know what's their story but i must say their love story is too good .For those who are thinking to read this story or not i will advice them to read it because it's worth it Great work author ,keep it up👍👍❤❤


This is refreshing! The story told in a fresh perspective. And the romance it have so good. Melted oir heart. Its so good match with Girls of the High Society


It's too good to read and felt happy .. because I have been continuously reading this .. nonstop....till the end .........hey author..you did write very well .......hope to see more


It’s a Beautiful love story. There is romance, drama, mystery. It has many heart melting moments. It’s perfect for a good read. This is the author’s second book & I have read both of them. She is a good author & I would read any of her future books. Her third is already on my list.


I have already been addicted ........ nothing more to say........it goes on make a person reading ....😍😍 Thank you for updating the novel


No evil half/step/sister. And no prolonged misunderstanding. Very big check from me. It’s nice reading stories that have very varying degrees of plots. Though story-telling difinitely differs still it’s nice when the books you’re currently reading are different from the others.


This is a nice light read, which is well worth your time. There's enough tragedy to flesh out the character's background. The romance plot of each couple was well thought out and well written. The murder mystery was less organized and some details left to the ether. With probably 10 more chapters, the murder mystery could have driven the plot. Overall, worth the read.


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