High School :Way to ForeverHigh School :Way to Forever

High School :Way to Forever

by Amaira_Knight

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*NO STEPSISTERS OR EVIL STEPMOTHER* Anna is a simple, obedient girl with a background belonging to the underworld. But she chose to live like an ordinary person because of whatever happened in her past. The door of her heart has been closed since she was fourteen because of some circumstances. She hates the thought of LOVE!!! On another side is Alex, a playboy of school and the topper, but still many people are afraid of him as his background is known to none. But they both can never run from their original identity. What happens when they both come together to fulfill Anna's bucket list but end up falling in love? Will their relationship survive through all obstacles on their way? What happens when the past comes to haunt Anna? And MOST IMPORTANT, How will Anna react when she gets to know Alex's identity? ..................... "Hey, what are you doing?" asked Anna as Alex's grip on her wrist was becoming more strong. "Listen An, no one else except me is allowed to touch you or see your shoulders." Coming closer to her ear, he whispered "You are just MINE." "Get Lost." "Yes, Baby lets get lost in each other's world." "Shameless." "Only for you, Love." ............................ Please Support by reading and adding the story in your library. If you have any suggestion, Let me know on my discord, @Amaira_Knight or on my instagram @amaira_knight. PS- Novel cover isn't mine, its taken from Internet.

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