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Queen's Victory

Queen's Victory

Clara, a once abandoned and homeless orphan now was the successful CEO of Snow Company, a diversified company that managed to gain a strong foothold in multiple industries it ventured in and subsequently be the market leader in Country S. She built this company from scratch ten years ago and her efforts finally paid off when recently she was nominated among the top ten successful CEO in one of the famous and widely recognized business magazines. Who knew that a person like her could progress this far and became the icon figure among the youth. People only knew about the happy moments in her life but not her darkest past. Little did they know it wasn’t the joy that pushed her towards success, the one that forced her out of the cold bed in the early morning and accompanied her during those sleepless nights. It was her painful past that shaped her into the best version of herself. This was her story of how she face-slapping those people stepped on her when she was at the bottom. She would payback the pain tenfold more than what they had inflicted on her. 'The Queen is back for her revenge' Please do support and vote if you like the story. Thank you! Pssttt: Plizzz vote/comment/review this novel #WPC109 NON ROMANCE FL

sxpphxrx · Contemporary Romance
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