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Lover's Enchantment

Lover's Enchantment

It was a normal boring day until I met her. I saw her at the first sight I was mesmerized. I walked towards her, she looked at me confused so I lit the fuse and sat right next to her. I know I was acting different that day but it felt good. As I was with her. We talked the whole day and this was another step closer to my fall. Who would've thought it was all in vain. I made a move but it was too late. I started ignoring her and talked less. She knew I was hurt. But still stayed quiet. I moved away from her and I never came to know how they ended up together. But life isn't that easy, is it? Complications are always there. I'm not someone willing to give up so easily. No one else can be with her. NO ONE!

AkshatArpit · Fantasy Romance
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