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20 No ken no budō

20 No ken no budō

(Set in the 1980s in Japan for the first part of the story) Young Katsumi Takamori has been down on his luck! Lately, his parents died in a car accident and he's in poverty stuck in a small 1 bedroom apartment in Kyoto. However one day he gets a letter in the mail about an inheritance from his great-aunt explaining to him his evasive family ancestry that his parents have always hidden from him, as well as a torn-up notebook manual about some kind of "20 swords" martial art?!?! With an address on the back for some run-down family dojo in rural Kansai watch Katsumi on his thrilling butt-kicking adventure into the unknown, The only question is..... What secrets have his late parents left for him to uncover? {Im now more motivated to continue this story, expect uncertain updates from time to time as it mostly relies on my inspiration and own knowledge to prop the story up as well as the motivation to keep doing so, sorry for the inconvenience.} (Samurai and Feudal japan included)

ThatOneGUy · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings