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In Chaldea
Jack the Ripper

In Chaldea as Jack the Ripper

Being reborn in the middle of the 19th century was crazy enough, being stuck in a Bloody Cup of all things after dying again and then being summoned by some redhead in a burning city was a whole other beast.

FluttershyFan13 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
The Day That Change My Life

The Day That Change My Life

A new story project that was inspired by my sora-chan! Sora-chan made my cover! My sora-chan is @TeodoraBauer! The story takes place of a young girl who wanted more out of her life. Her life was boring and predictable till something unexpected happen. That one fateful encounter, she met a man she had a crushed on, meet her. It was where her journey lies. Will everything she dreamt of come true? Or will her jealous fate ruin her chances?

purelight5 · Teen
Not enough ratings