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What is The Grand Duelist

The Grand Duelist is a popular web novel written by the author TheAdventurer, covering VIRTUAL REALITY, ROMANCE, MALE LEAD, ACTION, GUILDS, GRINDING, VIDEO GAMES, POOR TO RICH, DEMONS AND GODS, GORE, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 1.6M readers with an average rating of 4.61/5 and 66 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 203 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Check out my other work! https://www.webnovel.com/book/records-of-the-weakest-emperor_17617505506953105 Records of the Weakest Emperor Disclaimer: This novel is inspired by other great works such as SCOG, OG, DE, and all other works that the author admires and reads on a daily basis Left alone, scarred and swimming with debt after his parents' death. Our protagonist, Joseph is now on the quest of erasing his debt along with keeping himself afloat without being homeless… Left without other choices, he turned to the world of Victory for solace only to find out that everything wasn't so simple like he expected. Even after two months of complete dedication to the game. He hasn't achieved any of his goals at all… But fortunately, lady luck soon blessed his hopeless life… He managed on erasing his debt, angering the gods living above the heavens and even acquiring a Mythical Class! But Joseph is a young man left with scars due to his past. Can he even become someone suitable for the grandeur of a Mythical Class? The Sun that Overlooks Everything? "Aye wait bro, don't attack ye- Sike! You thought!" "Alice, I really love it that you keep yourself feminine for the sake of your Swordsmanship. But can you not wear skirts while we're practicing? I can basically see what's underneath." "Abyssal Flame Master, why do you remind me of the alter-ego that I sealed a long time ago back when I was in middle school?" Fueled with the determination of being the strongest. Joseph, along with the comrades that he gathered on his journey shall crush those that dare stand before their path. But why? Because he's the Grand Duelist, destined to be at the top of everything. Artwork: This is a collaboration between me and the Connoisseur of the Dao of Sticc, Truedawn. We spent countless nights depicting the awesomeness of the MC through the Dao of the Sticc, I hope it is appreciated.

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So the author has multiple notices up and there might be people who still complained about the issue of the story starting slow. So let me shed non spoiler light. Yes it starts slow. Yes some things that happen early make it seem like the MC forgot to do something. Everything gets explained. There are reasons. There's no plot holes if you read on. This author has spent a lot of time to make the characters seem real and to make a great world that flows together. I can't wait for this novel to progress so I can see where the journey leads to. Thank you to the author and anyone supporting them for this wonderful novel. I hope the quality stays as it is and that you, author, don't lose hope or interest in this novel.


5 stars for the God Level cover. It is by far the most brilliant illustration that I have ever seen in this platform. -Artistic level 1000 -Genius Artist 1000 -Divine Hands of an Art God 1000 Overall Score 1000


What the hell is with that cover? I'm laughing my ass right now. 🤣🤣🤣 For that illustration I'll give you 5 stars. haven't read the story but will update my review if it's any good or bad.


Okay, so not like other who apparently just rated this novel based on the cover, I thought when i found this novel that it will be good judging on the rating but i was truly disappointed in this novel, i read so far up to the chapter 11 and it is so frustrating to read. Maybe the rest is good but if you want the audience to read your book well the beginning is kinda pretty important. So i wish you good luck for the future autor and i will just read something esle.


Reveal spoiler


Yeah, not gonna lie. The cover got me. Still, with a summary that reads "basically overgeared, but with a combat class," i can't say i'm not interested.


So lengthy to read and absolutely fcuking boring. The story premise is good, but the added extra details are very lengthy that make you feel like reading same business news from different magazines one after another without gap.


I don't think my review will stay here long as this author most likely deletes reviews based on comments, quality, and boosted ratings... Anyways I think the novel had a really good start, however it quickly devolves into cliche plots, forced and flat relations, and dumb decisions. Since C5ish the novel went downhill. The grammar is good however the story quality has a noticable drop. I ended up dropping this novel at C19 due to that. It sort of felt like the author tried to force cliche and/or cringe things as an original which did not work... Overall, author I think you need to focus on developing your story flow/plot and characters. Lastly I love the cover, plus the updates look daily, though I can only guess since on phone so cant see history.


NOOOOOOO THE COVERRRrrrrrrrrr——————————————————————————————————————————————//—————————————————————————————————————————————————-/////////————————————-


Seldomly have i read a story with a worse MC than this. He's retarded. During this first 8 chapters of this story nothing of interest happens and you're getting fludded with the idiocy of this mc. There is nothing appealing so far, I will continue till chapter 20 and maybe update this review.


i like the cover. i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.i like the cover.


Honestly it's disappointing,as simple as that.And even worse there are a lot of inflated reviews as well. The ~75 chapters are "introductory" because they are filled with a lot of pointless drama and cliches just for the sake it. The characters are acting just for the sake of not being props,even if they act without reason or sense. The MC is plain stupid with kind of no redeemable qualities but atleast he gets some character development so it's kinda fine I guess,but still not likeable. I've lost patience with the novel after the author made a girl simply undress in front of the MC for no reason at all and then her acting shy. This novel follows no logic and is basically just a reference fiesta and I can't really recommend it.Maybe it gets better after ~120 chapters but I doubt it,maybe only the MC gets a bit better because I still believe most of the other characters will still behave like some idiots


Reveal spoiler


This book may seem boring but by goddid I get addicted love this book. World building was 4 state (so far) 140140140140140140140140140140140


Really good book. This is an Overgeared style story but with more NPC stuff than PVP. Very good read. Been a while since something this good came out.


This novel deserves 5 Stars just because of the cover. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




This cover is pulling me in right now, I really like it and I like the story line about a harsh beginning and a new struggle to become better can't wait to read this one for sure!


It is a good book with many different characters and reasons to read this book. I recommend using ur power and energy stones to vote for this book.


This novel starts slow but is worth it...don't just give up after the first few chapters.. Stick with it and the story keeps getting better. A few hiccups here and there but nothing that takes away from enjoyment..


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