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The Princess and the Pawn

The Princess and the Pawn

Chloe, an avid webnovel reader, is reborn into the body of an empire's treasured princess, Charis de Athla. But not just any princess. This princess had to be the very villainess who had just died in the novel "I Was Actually the Princess?!"'s latest update! Chloe, now Charis, is determined to avoid the fate of the villainess in the novel. She will right all the wrongs! What's this? The female lead has come to take her position? Let her take it, let her take it! Her fiancé wants to marry the female lead instead? They have her blessings! Years passed and her plan seemed to be going well. That was, until a specific servant she had discarded according to the plot returned from the depths of hell with a devilish smile. "Did you miss me, Your Highness? I was always thinking about you." The striking romance between a fake princess and her most devoted follower! -- cover art credit to @PYO_GYEOK_ on twitter! i do not claim as mine!

springjade · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings