My Snake King Husband Wants to Pamper Me Book

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My Snake King Husband Wants to Pamper Me

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# SNAKEHUSBAND # ARCHEOLOGY Yan Jiao is dreaming again! A cold, flexible body, blood-red eyes… A huge python wrapped around her, bringing her waves of pleasure! As an archaeologist, Yan Jiao had been a good, obedient girl since she was young. She could swear that she never did anything bad to snakes. She had never eaten snakes or played with snakes! But after she wore that ring, she dreamt of mating with a snake every night. Yan Jiao felt that this couldn't go on. She must be having shameful dreams because she had too much idle time. So, she decided to use work to enrich herself. It so happened that her team uncovered an ancient tomb during this time, so she packed her bags and set off with the large group. Only after she went there did she find out that it was the tomb of the Snake King! A bad feeling grew in her heart, and sure enough… Tens of thousands of poisonous snakes surrounded them! Those who were terrified and cowardly fainted right away, and just when they thought they would die there, smoke came out of nowhere all around them, and they fainted. Only Yan Jiao was awake to see that big snake in her dream gliding toward her before turning into a handsome man…


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