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My Villainess Lady Is Too Troublesome!

My Villainess Lady Is Too Troublesome!

Hase Hayase woke up in another world, he was very surprised at first, but after a few years passed .. he finally got used to it and started doing things that would never happen in a country's history. When he was four years old, he had made his country the strongest and most advanced empire thanks to the golden finger he had, the "Talents Collector". His citizens call him "Son of God" because of the many miracles he performed when he was four years old. When he was five years old, he left his country and chose to live as a commoner because he wanted to feel the hardships of living without wealth. He lived as an ordinary citizen for five years and was later recruited by Duke Hammidal as a Butler for his granddaughter in the kingdom where he currently lives, namely Faurus Kingdoms. He was surprised when he heard the name of the nobility of the man who recruited him, he finally learned that the world he lived in was the world of the otome game he had played before he died. Strangely again .. he became the Butler of the most troublesome Villainess he had ever known, he could only try to make the Villainess Lady he served not get a bad ending, which was death by gradually changing her troublesome nature. Follow the rom-com story between Villainess Lady and Butler whose real identity is the Crown Prince of the Lizeve Empire namely Gefrans Lizeve VI in Countryside.

ForcedToWrite · Fantasy
Not enough ratings