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Wait, What? He is a Gangster?! [BL]

Wait, What? He is a Gangster?! [BL]

In a world where the wealthy and with power ruled the society and the government just doing their job in maintaining peace and order, but not exactly in the position to do things they wanted, you would think that Yan Xuan was a protagonist of some sort, a transmigrator, or a reborn cannon fodder that instantly changed after bumping his/her head or having an accident. But no, he wasn't any of that. He was the school's "Numb Prince" by day, but at night, he was the feared and mysterious "Silver Prince" - the only solo gangster in history whose background and face were unknown. But then, Yan Xuan decided to disappear from the Underground City and be a normal student for once. However, on the middle of his second year in high school, he didn't think that it would be the start of the new changes of his life. Brother #1: "Saozi! Saozi! You look so pretty that I have mistaken you for a girl!" Brother #2: "I think Saozi can compete with our school's #1 beauty in terms of looks!" Chen Yinyin: "Ah Xuan, can kick your ass. He's stronger than you think." Brothers: *doesn't believe her* Li Jiufeng: "Don't underestimate my wife." Yan Xuan: "....." It's like a rollercoaster ride. Full of dog blood, dog food, humor, friendship, happiness, and most of all, love. - Disclaimer: The images that I used in my book cover were not mine. Author's Note: I was inspired by the book that I have read in Wattpad, called "The Numb Princess is a Gangster." This story of mine is like that EXCEPT the plot is completely different. It's really different. There a few points that are similar to that book, but the majority is my own ideas.

rotten_duchess · Realistic Fiction
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