The Bride Of Immortal Crown Prince Book

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The Bride Of Immortal Crown Prince


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[WARNING: Mature Content] The Crown Prince and Allynna have been destined to only be capable of loving one another since Allynna was born. But it was also their destiny that Allynna was kidnapped a few days after being born. Luckily, Allynna lives. She was raised by an ordinary couple on a small island far away from the capital to be a witty, brave, and beautiful girl. Then one faithful day, after a long and full of determination search… Now a grown-up but very cold, emotionless, loveless, Crown Prince Eleon found the only woman he could be capable of loving. Since then, their romance story began. But, many unexpected events shake their journey to love. In that journey, they find their true nemesis. _____ "Miss Allynna, I can help you to find your real parents." Allynna was surprised to hear that. How could he know she has a real family? Before her parents died, she learned that she was adopted and not their biological daughter. After her parents died, she wanted to know why her birth parents dumped her on the far end of the Bellsor Empire, Sarlun Island. This will become her priority now. To find out about her past. "Do you, Miss Allynna, want to know your real parent?" The mysterious man's cold and emotionless voice snapped Allynna from her thoughts. She nodded, agreeing with him. "But, I have two conditions." He said coldly. Allynna silently took a deep sigh. Her witty mind knows it! There is such thing as a free lunch in this world. After a few seconds of silence, she bravely asks him… "Conditions? I need to know what they are first before I can say anything. So, what are the conditions?" The man stood up from the sofa gracefully. His long black coat hung down to his knees as he stood majestically towards the large window pane. His eyes looked at the scenery out of the window. Allynna's gaze followed the man's movement. In her entire life on this island, she has never seen a man as handsome and perfect as this mysterious man. She felt a bit strange when she noticed him, and at the same time, she felt a tremor in her heart. "First, you need to move to the Capital." "Second. I want you to willingly marry me." He said without looking at her. "W-H-A-T??" She shouted in her mind in shock. "Is this man crazy? Asking her to marry on the first time they met?" Her eyes widened in disbelief at what she had just heard. ____ Author Novel: 1. DAMN! I FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM (Completed) 2. The Bride Of Immortal Crown Prince 3. Rebirth: Dancing In My Destiny _____ Instagram account: authorpurplelight Discord server: https://discord.gg/PxyCf4Dj _____ *Cover commission by Jieundesign_ _____