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The Last Elemental

The Last Elemental

In the beginning of time 5 kingdoms ruled in harmony; Nature, Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Their lands were: Hell, The Great Forrest, Heaven and Oceana. The kings all had one child. All sons, except the king of Oceana. He had a daughter. She was the darkest of all the kingdom. But one night, she was taken from her bedroom. The knights from all 5 kingdoms searched for years. A few thousand years past and the next generation of the Elementals were born. The kingdoms got overruled by the Supernaturals. There is a prophecy that if all 5 elementals reunited and combined their powers, they'd be able to take back their kingdoms and the supernaturals would be extinct. The boys all search for the missing elemental. How will this go?

Jade_Brady · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings