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My Husbands Rival

My Husbands Rival

Maybe love will bloom if given room. But Zhi Qiao doubts that when she met her future to be husband, Ren Yuhan; the son of the Yuhan Industries. Handsome, composed, and successful, Ren had women to spare. Since they would give themselves to him at any given chance. Compared to her who could not even speak, Zhi knew her marriage would put her in a heartbreaking situation. Knowing Ren was not willing to marry her and a child was all that was needed. Zhi saw a grim lonely future ahead of her. But there is more to Ren than Zhi thought. A dark secret still haunts him until today, holding him from opening his heart to anyone else, including her. And Zhi with old memories, trauma, and a missing voice, she was as well a mystery to Ren. Now it seems a loveless future awaits them but will time let them feel love? And what of Jin Da, Zhi’s former lover? In the mid of her heartache, will they stir love once more?

Dabuki · Romance
Not enough ratings