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Changing & memories

Changing & memories

This is a story about Yui Yamamoto Sato 17 years old, Daughter of both (Father) Kado Sato & (deceased Mother) Yoko Yamamoto, Yui is a reincarnated Man But can’t seem to remember all too well, but she gots some of her deceased Mothers memories which she decides to help re-and connect her relationship with Kado Sato her father, Yui’s Adventure to Help Kado Sato from (Karoshi Meaning overwork Death) But his work is far from normal as Kado Sato is a mafia boss taking high risk Business to distract himself from grief and to avoid Yui that resembles his (deceased wife) leaving here Parentless not receiving love from her father at all only getting taken care of by servants that she develops a short of attachment too, Yui’s school all people avoid her scared of getting involved in her family matters that leaves her friendless and lonely but that all changes as she remembers 2 memories from her past life and mothers past memories when she turns 17 that changes her to get a better life with her father and others, that she has trouble here and there trying help Kado and Herself but she’s more confident from experience in the past, challenging and changing her destiny that helps her meet new people that opens new story’s to her life

Dawson_gaming · Magical Realism
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