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My Stalker Wife

My Stalker Wife

She had loved the boy since forever. She loved it when he said in that lovely voice of his, "I'll marry you when I grow up~" But...That accident changed everything. Years later, she came to see him... but he passed her by, as if, she was a stranger. A few years after that, they met again... He was heartbroken, but she was still in love with him.... The day marked the restart of their sweet love lore~ . . . One fine day... "Dear Wife... I wonder if you're my stalker?" She gloatingly replied, "hm!!!" "Well... I wonder if I should become the same?!" "No need~ I'll tell you everything about me~", saying this, she jumped on him and had her fill! ............. ............. Atsu's note: My first try on the Showbiz genre, yey~ Expect some face slapping, as this is going to be a totally different story from my other novels! Happy Reading! PS: Got the cover from the web~

AtsukiJoou · Contemporary Romance
Cause I Love You ♥️

Cause I Love You ♥️

"The world is a goddamned evil place, the strong prey on the weak, the rich on the poor" Even the history of novels shows that one must be rich and powerful enough in order to protect themselves Si Liang a cold and ruthless CEO who rules an entire nation falls for a beauty Li Qian A beautifull snowfall night bring their fate together A blissful dream for him but the worse nightmare for her The war has begun....who will win This is not a routine romance novel but do read it.

sassy1497 · Contemporary Romance
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