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All she thought disguise is the best solution to forget her past. Si Rieni Joy Natividad sa totoong pagkatao. Nag panggap siya bilang Rain Lopez na isang mataray na klaseng babae. She have a demon aura. She is expressionless. She can fight, by her own ability. She have low tempered. She is hard to read. But........ All of this is just a part of her disguising. All of this is just a barrier to protect her self into other. ************ One day, she meet a guy. 1 year older to her. In the first place. That guy is nobody to her. Time has come. Because of her one friend. The boy is have part to her life. As a friend in the first place. ************* All she need is a peaceful life. But not..... She thought. That the past is never been back. Sad to say... IT'S NOT!!!!! All negative things and memories. Are...... Come back to her. Like when she was a kid. *********** Why she does disguise????? How much longer can she build a barrier to others???? What happened to her in the past??? Can she fight all circumstances that destiny give her?????? or...... Not?????? What will happen about that guy, he meet????? It will just guy passing by?????? or.......... not???????

Undefeatablegirl · Teen
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