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Chasing For Justice

Chasing For Justice

Bravery Zoe Alphonse is a shy but fearless woman. Since she was a child, she wants to be a lawyer. Everything about law, she remembers it. That's how interested her in becoming a lawyer. When she finally becomes a lawyer, she discovered her special skill. She’s dreaming of what will happened. That’s why she becomes part of Justice Chasers. A team where all of them have a special skills. But they can’t always win the case that they’re holding. How can they solve the case, when Justice Chasers members are slowly fading? Start: October 11, 2020 End:

clydieM · Sci-fi Romance
Infinite heart

Infinite heart

Bai Li, a stoic, cold, beautiful criminal psychologist with a dark past fall in love with the president of Yang corporations Yang Xi who is known to be heartless, cold and easy to provoke wealthy tycoon... Who could have thought both of them will fall in love with each other.

limah143 · Romance
Not enough ratings