Unsolved Case: FeliciaUnsolved Case: Felicia

Unsolved Case: Felicia

by meixiaolian

4.8(55 ratings)

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Had an assignment to write unresolved cases, Lilith, a rebellious pretty girl was excited and thought about the abandoned house near her new neighborhood. To her dismay, her teacher rejected her assignment after writing an unsolved case of Felicia. The more she tries to find the truth, the more she uncovers. Slowly, connecting the dots…. she found something that needs to solve to prevent things from happening. Could Lilith solve the case? Or was it solving the case would remain unsolved. This story contains extreme language, bit of violence , gore and such that some readers mind find it disturbing. Read at your own risk. the photo used in the cover is not mine credits to the owner/artist

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Parents Strongly Cautioned

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