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Rings of spells !

Emily and Albert were separated by an unknown alien person ! This was the battle to decide the king of Ayo planet . Nearly about 250 Ayo ( Alien kids from that planet are known as Ayo kids ) They have to choose the human partner who can order them and make them able to use their powerful attacks . Without human partner any Ayo can't use his powerful attacks . The Attacks of Ayo are known as Spells ! The power of Spells depends upon the power of human partner ! This is the battle to decide the fate of not only Ayo world but alos Earth because ... This time Some evil and very powerful Ayo are sent to Earth in battle ... If anyone among them is able to win the battle and became the king of Ayo world ...the. everything can be vanished as the Ayo planet is very powerful ... This is very incrible story ! Hope you like it

narendra_ghodke ยท Martial Arts
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