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  • Flash Marriage: The Domineering Wife

    #Nominated in Webnovel Spirity Awards 2020. (Completed) Trigger Warning: Novel contains mature content and explicit scenes only intended for adults. {R-18+, No rape and No misunderstanding} *Nothing can come between my husband and I,not even death.* ~She was sad, hurt, and depressed. She was a mess, a monster who was slowly fading in her dark, lonely world until he came along. Like a twinkle little star, he brightened her horrid world. He was no one but her happy pill~ (Couple 1) "Tell me Wifey, has any man ever made you feel the way I do?" Lei Zhao asked. "Will it hurt if I tell you someone has?" Yan Mei inquired. A cheeky grin appeared on Lei Zhao's lips. "It wouldn't because I am sure no one has done it, especially the way you scream with pleasure under me." -------- Yan Mei, an aloof CEO known as the devil strongly believes love is a scam because she has experienced the joy and sadness of it. Now her heart has turned into a piece of stone encased by steel. Lei Zhao only has time for one thing in his life: work, after the death of his brother, which made him devastated and broken. After a chance encounter with a woman in a red suit at a club, he finds himself drawn to her. Something about the mysterious woman has him determined to make her his and unlock the mystery of the pain that flickers in her eyes. ~But will the devil give him a chance? Even though at times, the devil needs love too.~ ***** (Couple 2) ~She became the monster, parents told their kids to run away from, but she was far from a monster. She was just a lonely girl who wanted a friend who would always be there for her, who would check up on her and ask her how she was~ "This isn't a fairytale or a teen fiction where the bad girl falls for the good boy and tries to change for him, and then they live happily ever after. This is real life, and well, life is fucked up." Ying Sheng said, and she gulped the beer she was holding, loneliness flickering in her eyes. "But I-I won't ask you.. to change or want you to change. I just want you to be my bad girl. You --can tie me up in bed- and fu…ck me until I forget my name." Liam stammered as he turned crimson red. Ying Sheng heaved a sigh, "Cutie, you're supposed to look for a trophy wife who can cook and do chores. Not a monster like me who will destroy your perfect life. Also, we can't be together." Liam's heart nearly stopped in his chest when he heard her. His shoulders hunched, and he took a deep breath. 'Why?" He queried. "Because I love someone else." ~At times you have to choose between the one you love and the one who loves you. Ying Sheng learned this in a hard way.~ Two broken-hearted women, each broken in their own way.....with two determined men, ready to fix their broken pieces at all costs. This is a story of betrayal, love and second chances. Ready to enjoy the journey and learn along? *No evil mother-in-law, step-sister or cheating bestfriend *Not your usual cliche flash marriages novel *Bad girl X Good boy Tags: Flash Marriage #doting husband, #smut, #bad girl, #good boy, #betrayal #second chances #Strong female lead #Spirity-awards 2020 #Supernatural Note: Some chapters may be triggering for others but there is always a warning before reading. ^I'm not the owner of the cover. CREDITS TO THE OWNER. if the owner wants me to take it down just leave a comment. Thank you! Discord server: https://discord.gg/FXdVxp6 Join to chat with author, fellow readers and make friends.

    Chichii · Urban
  • The Alpha's Temptation

    (Mature Content) What price are you willing to pay for freedom? The wolf-less and orphaned Tania was trapped in the life of a slave. A part of her spirit was held captive by her master to exert control. To gain freedom, she made a deal to spy on King Eltanin, the most ruthless and powerful Alpha of Araniea. Stormy-eyed libertine, King Eltanin was dominanting, arrogant and commanding as hell. Racing against time to save his wolf and kingdom from the demon king, Alpha Felis, he crosses paths with Tania. She is a spy, and temptation personified. And now Eltanin must choose between the fate of his kingdom and his mate. Will Tania choose her freedom and reject her mate? Or will she give up the only thing she ever wanted? Thesaurus definition of "Libertine": debauched Synonyms for libertine: freethinking, profligate, dissolute, immoral, lascivious My other novels are: Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (Completed) The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince (nomination WSA 2021) Ileus-The Dark Prince (Silver award WSA 2022) Dark Hunger (5th Prize in werewolf contest) The cover belongs to me. It is commissioned. Cover artist: Micehellwd Editor: Astromnia

    MishaK · Fantasy
  • Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

    Han Sheng Li is the Crown Prince of the Great Han kingdom. Since the age of fourteen, he mostly went to the wars with his father, Han Wenji, the great emperor of the Han Kingdom. He's the most favored child of his father but, is the cruelest and ruthless among all of his seven half brothers. An-Ying Lili, who is known for her kindness and beauty, is the princess of Juyan City. She could not see her family die at the hands of Han Sheng Li so agreed with the marriage alliance which was put forward by the Emperor of Han. ~~~~ “I heard you are the kindest woman in the entire Han Kingdom but, it seems opposite to me. You want me to die!!” The Crown Prince astonishingly said, keeping his icy gaze intact on the woman on his bed. “Cruel people are not worthy of anyone’s kindness,” the Crown princess pronounced sternly. The crown prince chuckled. “Kindest is the one who whimpers in pain. Are you ready for undergoing that pain with this cruel man?” Crown prince asked, slightly tilting his head, and a smirk formed on his lips. Leaning closer to Ying Lili's ear, Sheng Li whispered, "Never expect love from this evil and cruel man. Feed this in your mind- 'You will never warm my bed.' Remember this memorable wedding night, my dear Crown Princess." ~~~~~~ Thanks to "LydiaF" for proofreading the chapters for me. Thanks to My CE for this amazing Title suggestion. The art is commissioned from lia.audelia. The book won WSA NOMINATION 2021, thanks to my lovely readers. Please check out my new story in the same setting- "Gifted Bride of the Sinned Prince." Follow me on Instagram- @rayoflight_pcy

    Light_ray · History

    "Among the 11 modern arts, the 10th art has always been my favorite. I experienced so many amazing classics in my other world, that I felt compelled to be able to provide this art to the people of this world as well." After finishing playing all the games nominated for the "Games Award" that year, Gabriel, known on the internet as Gabe, felt that life was really beautiful, experiencing so many beautiful things while playing, he felt quite satisfied, until he woke up in an unknown place. Confused, Gabe felt new memories surging through his mind, indicating that he had transmigrated to another world, a world where humans needed to create virtual worlds so that the population could arm themselves to fight the monsters that threatened to wipe out their race. But something shocked Gabe, these virtual worlds were like VR games that people could play and get items or abilities, and the surprise was that from the memories he received, his current body was a developer of Virtual Worlds. Follow Gabe's journey to become the greatest game developer in human history. Do humans need battle skills against monsters? I will do my favorite game that fights against zombies. Do humans need monsters to fight alongside them? I will make monsters that can be balled up and evolve to fight alongside humans. Is the technology of humans too weak? I will make alien robots that can transform into vehicles and shoot lasers. Does the government want to control me? Sorry, but I was running the government before that. From a young man who couldn't develop the most basic game to graduate from university, to the most powerful developer in the world, Gabe used all the knowledge available to him to reach the pinnacle of the world and take humanity along with him. ------ The novel doesn't have a lot of chapters, but each chapter is 2x the length of chapters in other novels. discord.gg/NunuXD

    NunuXD · Games
  • Combat Maid Harem

    I turned my assassin into my maid with the power of money! Money is all-powerful! It was a world full of swords and magic; Lawrend was the son of the wealthiest merchant in town. Since the age of 7, he had been having dreams. A dream about a past life in a modern civilization where monsters are nonexistent, and humans dominate the world. Lawrend saw Iron birds, Magical bricks that display moving paintings, Thunder wielding, and many more. There was a scene in one of the dreams that made Lawrend’s heart beat fast. A row of a dozen maids bowing in front of him. Each dressed in a french maid outfit. Something awakened inside Lawrend when he had that dream. A fervent desire to have his very own Maid Harem! NOTE: READ THE AUXILIARY CHAPTER FIRST Chapter 69 is the first smut chapter. UPDATE December 2, 2021: I have provided a summary for Chapters 1 - 37 as I'm starting to rewrite them. It can be found in the Auxiliary Volume. Please give this novel another chance. I want to redeem myself as an author. UPDATE January 19, 2022: I already wrote the sequel for this novel called, "Lewd Cultivation System". The connection will be mentioned in the future, but for now, the connection isn't obvious. It can be read without prior knowledge about Combat Maid Harem. UPDATE February 11, 2022: For reasons I do not know, this book got nominated for WSA 2021, which is a huge success for this book. Basically, it means that this book is good enough but not good enough to get the gold, silver, or bronze places. UPDATE October 3, 2023: I've decided to pause this novel. I will end it when I have the time. For now, I'll go resume "Lewd Cultivation System" ===== Join my discord! Talk to me about stuff. https://bit.ly/LittleYunDiscord Chapter Length: 1000 words ADDITIONAL NOTE: PLEASE READ TILL CHAPTER 40+ BEFORE DECIDING ON ANYTHING. I'M SURE YOU WON'T REGRET IT

    Daoist_Little_Yun · Fantasy

    VOLUME 1 : COMPLETED Novel Official Trailer Link below: 1. Instagram Link: https://bit.ly/3fvoXQS 2. Youtube Link: https://bit.ly/3v81ATG WARNING: A roller coaster love-hate journey and a tear-jerking story equipped with mysteries. Dylan Sterling, the youngest and the most ruthless chief executive of Sterling Group, has special powers that superseded the Group. Money, fame, and intelligence were clear evidence of his status in the society he belongs to. His exceptional talent had a hidden purpose, and the DARK WORLD he ruled was cruel. He showed no mercy to everyone who blocked his path and devoured those who attempted to stand against him. Savannah Schultz- 21 years old, an orphan turned to be a model, was engaged to wed Devin only to gain support for the family business that her father built for many years. Later she went south after her father died. And her uncle Dalton Schultz adopted her to get everything she had, including Devin's aid. Devin had sold her off like a slave to his uncle Dylan - to scheme the notorious man for additional capital to inject into his business venture. Dylan had eaten her up like a box of chocolates and treated her like a bargaining chip. She felt herself knocked off balance and falling into a deep abyss. Anger, sadness, embarrassment –swelled within her and threatened to ruin her life. To save himself from humiliation, he perfectly planned to take her as his nominal wife and promised to help her break up the engagement and aid her family business. Helpless and humiliated, she accepted his bargain. She started to become strong in front of those bullies, yet she was weak when it comes to him. They lived together but treated each other as strangers. He had no plans of falling for her as someone had occupied his heart a few years ago. Then the situation shifted when he discovered who she really was! But the dark world he ruled threatened to destroy them. Mystery, deception, and revenge-fueled them both to rise together. Cover created by Weilan Wanna know more about the story follow me at Instagram: annashannellin

    AnnaShannel_Lin · Urban
  • The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince

    **Nominated for 2020 Spirity Awards** Bitten by a werewolf, Dawn Wyatt becomes a Neotide – a werewolf who has no place in the world of pure bloods. What follows is even more harrowing. Targeted for being killed by their father’s enemies, eighteen-year old Dawn Wyatt and her ten-year old brother Cole escape the capturers and literally plead to be taken in by a farmer's family. The family complies, but when the captors offer a huge reward of ten million dollars for the escaped siblings, the family betrays them. To save their lives, they flee the country. Dawn returns back five years later as a 'Bitten' werewolf and brilliant market analyst to carve her niche. And also to avenge those who turned her into a werewolf and took everything away from her, without realizing that she is a cynosure of multiple conspiracies. ------------- Daryn Silver is the lethally sexy Prince of a rare Silver Clan of pure blood werewolves. Cold, ruthless and merciless, he is arrogant. And she is bitten. He wants to eliminate all the bitten—the rogues from the face of the Earth. He's been hunting them down for years. What happens when he meets her? It's difficult to resist her, and challenging to accept her. Dawn’s life is turned upside down when she meets him. She realizes dangerous things about him - He is a pureblood werewolf and is the prince of a rare Silver Clan who every other pack bows to; He has had numerous girl-friends. In fact he had to get restraining orders from some of the crazy ones; He maneuvers her in his world with a proposal she never anticipated. Dawn uses that to her advantage! She knows she is playing with fire. ------------- She nodded and walked inside as he held the door open for her. As soon as she closed the door, Daryn held her hand and pulled her against the wall.  "Daryn…"  He leaned down and placed his hands on either side of Dawn. Their faces were an inch apart. Daryn parted his lips as if to say something. Dawn could feel all the heat that emanated from his body, from his breath. She clasped the cold wall and stared into his eyes. He drew a faction closer and her breathing hitched. Her mind left all the reasoning. This was not what she had expected in his office. It was the first time she had even stepped in there.  "I am unable to stop thinking about you Dawn," he whispered. She bit her lip to stop herself from touching his lips and feeling him.  Daryn grabbed the back of her neck and his lips fell on hers. She shuddered. At first he lightly brushed them and then his kiss turned deep, full of passion, which he had held back for a long time. It was getting harder and harder to not kiss her senseless, to feel her. And Dawn—she closed her eyes. --------- Join me in reading the adventurous journey of Dawn Wyatt and Daryn Silver. Like I said, this is going to be one suspense/thriller/steamy romance novel! So strap your seatbelts for a roller-coaster ride! Warning: This novel is fast paced and contains suspense, thrill and romance. Don't expect typical cliché romance that you keep reading. And if you are looking for that, then I am sorry this book isn't for you! The book contains MATURE CONTENT! ------------- Feral Confessions Series: Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (Completed) The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince (Completed) Ileus (Ongoing) Other books: Sugar and Spice: The CEO's Feisty Wife (Completed) Two Contracts: My Lover is a CEO (Completed) Join me on Discord at https://discord.gg/yqKgCvQ

    MishaK · Fantasy
  • That's What A Top-Tier Savior Is!

    [Nomination for Best Newcomer of the Year 2022] [First Place in Bestselling Books for the Tenth Period of the Sci-Fi Starlight Awards] [First Prize in the 2022 Sci-Fi Writing Contest] Saviors are ranked as well. The lowest-tier saviors are inefficient. They take years or even decades to save the world once, causing countless people to suffer. However, they may not truly save the world. The third-tier saviors are manipulated by schemers their entire lives. They are ignorant and naive, just like puppets on strings. The second-tier saviors pay a huge price to save the world. They may lose their spouse, suffer a disability, sacrifice their friends, and suffer many other hardships. However, in the end, they only receive a useless title or even an epitaph. "These saviors have tragic lives. I don't want to become like them, I want to be a top-tier savior!" "What a top-tier savior is?" "Light-speed salvation!" "No casualties!" "Obtaining insane profits!" "Using the present sword to slay the near future, strangling the apocalypse in its cradle, acting entirely on his will, and collecting the reward he deserved!" "That's what a top-tier savior is!"

    Dream Butterfly · Sci-fi
    Not enough ratings
  • Wedding Agreement With CEO

    Ellena Patricia Lubis, a 22-year-old woman who is often called Elle, has to live her life in the capital. The family's economic situation worsened after a car accident that claimed her father's life, forcing her to continue to struggle to find money to pay off her father's debts to moneylenders. One day, because she didn't want to be late for work, Elle left in a hurry using an automatic motorbike belonging to Filia Vallencia, her boarding house friend. However, unfortunately. That morning, she accidentally hit a luxury car that was speeding from another direction, causing her and the motorbike she was driving to lose control and cause an accident. She hit the car and the car was badly damaged. Ironically, the owner of the car is Lucas Ryszard Fidell, a young executive whose name is already worldwide, and the sole heir to the owner of the largest industrial company in Indonesia who is none other than the CEO of the company where Elle works. It has fallen down the stairs too, that's how Ellena's life is quite suffocating. The accident actually brought new problems for her, where Lucas asked for compensation for the damage to his car with a very fantastic nominal, so of course Elle couldn't fulfill it, who only worked as an ordinary employee with a very mediocre salary. "If you really can't make amends, you have to do one thing for me," he said. "What is it? I promise I will," Ellena replied a little enthusiastically. "Marry me!" How will their story continue? Will Elle accept Lucas' offer? Follow Instagram @pena.batik03

    Pena_Batik · Urban
  • The King's Beloved

    [WSA 2020 Nomination Awardee] You can now watch "The King's Beloved - Novel Teaser" on Youtube! ______________ Rania's life was perfect when suddenly everything came crashing down—literally. In a new place surrounded by kidnapped girls like herself and an alien race of magical beings called "Magi", she must now compete to become the new queen. However, fate seemed to have a different plan for her. "When the chosen one Who is not one of us Unveils the hidden Truth The barrier shall be broken And the path to the unknown shall open But take heed and be weary For in the unknown lies trials untold The pits may be fiery But take heart! For history is about to unfold!" - the Prophecy Join her in her adventure to find love, hope, friendship, and dreams, and uncover the secrets within. Along this journey, whose hand will she take? When duty and feelings collide, which should hold more importance? “All the power in the world, I have, yet I failed to protect her.” - the King “Please tell me what I can do to take that sadness away.” - the Masked Man “I’m going to save someone. And I’ll definitely do whatever it takes.” - the Fiancé ______________________________ Don't forget to VOTE, COMMENT, and REVIEW Instagram / TiktTok: macy_bae_writes _____________ Please do not plagiarize this book or post it on different platforms. Read directly in the Webnovel app or website (webnovel.com). All rights are reserved to the author.

    Macy_Bae · Fantasy
  • The Royal Contract

    A one-night stand was all she wanted, but that was never his style. Still, they ended up together in a night of passion. No names, no feelings, and no complications. Heiress and advocate lawyer Daniella Hamilton had never wanted her inheritance, only wishing to live a simple life. Still, she ended up in the center of an intense war for power. Now, she had to find the balance between the life she dreamt of and the life that she was meant to have. Enigmatic and brilliant CEO Prince Alexander Princeton renounced his title to his birthright, believing that true power should come from building his own legacy. However, the kingdom faced a new dilemma where he was asked to serve his people and sit on the throne. Separated after their one night of wild adventure. They thought that their unexpected encounter was an isolated incident. However, fate had something else in mind, as they find their way back in each other’s arms, not in a passionate embrace but with a contract that would bind them for a long time. Would their agreement fulfill their dreams, or would it end in a disastrous union? [Warning: Mature steamy content, slight violence (in the later chapters), and some inappropriate language] *** Nominated in the WSA - Webnovel Spirity Awards 2021 Thanks to all my readers for all your support. You have been a great inspiration during my journey in writing this story. I would have never made it if not for your encouragement through your votes, comments, reviews, golden tickets, gifts, and continued support. Thank you so much. COVER PHOTO - Commissioned by Vatarison Instagram: bishop_1275

    bishop1275 · Urban
  • Choice [NoMin]

    [On Going] [Romance-Family] Terpaksa menikah dengan orang kaya, arogan namun sialnya sangat tampan. Jung Jeno ⚠️GS AREA Remake from my original story in FFN

    Ayasoo · Urban
    Not enough ratings

    lee jeno dan lee lino dua saudara kembar...

    Mei_Triiyani · LGBT+
    Not enough ratings

    dua orang mahasiswa yang berjuang untuk negaranya dari kemunculan virus misterius yang berhasil menghancurkan dunia dengan kejapan mata.....

    fitri_fit · LGBT+
    Not enough ratings
  • Rent A Boyfriend!

    [COMPLETED.] [Sweet Romantic-comedy novel] [WSA 2021 Nomination Award.] ‘Ding Ding! Welcome to Rent A Boyfriend shop! Please pick your favourite before checking out. We accept credit cards only!’ --- Shi Ying was a 27 years old working woman who was busy with two things, Career and BL! She was too busy working as a secretary and gushing over handsome men in BL manhua to bother finding a man. She had decided to never marry because she didn’t want to be dragged down by a lousy husband. But her traditional parents wanted her to marry as soon as possible before she became a ‘leftover woman.’ Annoyed by her parents’ endless nagging, she downloaded a currently popular app, Rent A Boyfriend App. Out of necessity, she picked the cheapest boyfriend she could rent for two days to meet her parents. Who would’ve thought... the cheapest boyfriend turns out to be her boss’ son?! 'You never told me that you are the heir of the Yang group!’ - Shi Ying. ‘And you never told me that you are my dad’s secretary! I’m screwed now!’ - Yang Menghuo. --- WSA Entry - First Love. Slice of Life. --- Original Cover. Instagram: @foreverpupa

    ForeverPupa · Urban
  • My Boyfriend is a PRINCE?! || NoMin

    Humming with a random song in my head as I was walking with some neatly folded clothes to put it back in my dresser as I was moving back to Korea , I walked by passed the living room and saw Donghyuck wathcing the of Sofia the First Intro song or Theme song if that's what would you would like to call it struck me. "I was a village girl doing alright," "Then I became a princess overnight" Jaemin didn't knew his boyfriend was a prince, even more a CROWN PRINCE! Until Jeno announced it on a live television as his boyfriend and soon-to-be Prince Consort for the whole world to see! That alone has caused a lot of problems with Jaemin, let him count a few 1. Jeno's Fan Girls and Boys 2. The Press 3. Being a Royal 4. Jeno's parents 5. His Royal Family 6. The pressure of the very first Male consort 7. The half-sided Public How will Jaemin and Jeno fight through the mobs of press, the judging stares of the public and the pressure in the line of the royal succession to create an heir. Will they have a happy ending just how people dreamt in the movies? A more extensive grammar corrections, spelling and editing will be done after the story is finished so sorry if you may see some wrong spellings, and wrong grammar miss-use since this my very first story.

    GRASS_RELIGION · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Secret Wealthy Marriage

    He is the genuine diamond bachelor of G City, ranking first in terms of net worth, Everyone knows that he had a deep and unforgettable love, But no one knows that, five years ago, he had a nominal marriage; She is the super nurse of G City People Hospital, with neither wealth nor high education, Everyone knows that she is divorced and has a child in tow, But no one knows that her ex-husband, the father of her child, is the man at the very top of the pyramid. Scene One: On the day she was diagnosed to be pregnant, her husband registered on the marriage certificate came back. The next day, at the breakfast table, an A4 sheet of paper appeared very abruptly by his right hand. "This is a divorce agreement, please sign it." She said, her internal organs trembling. "...Is there someone else?" He put down his chopsticks, looked at her, and asked calmly, his eyebrows almost imperceptibly twitching. He came back because there was something he wanted to talk to her, but now it seemed unnecessary. "...Yes." Having a child should count as having someone else, because from now on, she would love her child. When they got married back then, he had said that if she had a lover, she could ask him for a divorce. "Alright, I understand." He nodded, picked up the agreement on the table, and left. "..." Scene Two: "What's your name?" "Axel Hawkins." "Your last name is Hawkins?" The mother's name is Carolline Ruiz, his ex-wife, and the father's column is left blank, isn't it? "Yes, my dad's name is Bryan Hawkins, he's a Sky Walker." "..." At five in the afternoon, Carolline Ruiz picked up her son from school and saw him standing next to her son; she instinctively turned around and ran. Bryan Hawkins left Axel Hawkins in the Guard Room, warned him not to run around, and then chased after her with his long legs. "Carolline Ruiz, stop." "..." Almost instinctively, she really stopped. He slowly walked over and stood in front of her, a tall and imposing figure blocking all the setting sun. Carolline Ruiz couldn't help but look up, the afterglow of the setting sun illuminating his face, she couldn't see his features clearly at all. "What are you running for? If you dare to secretly love for eight years, do you dare to openly love for a lifetime?" "..."

    Plaid Bug · Urban
    Not enough ratings