The Royal Contract
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The Royal Contract


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What is The Royal Contract

The Royal Contract is a popular web novel written by the author bishop1275, covering ROMANCE, LOVE, HIDDENGEM, SWEETLOVE, MODERN, ROMCOM, ENEMIESTOLOVERS, HAPPYENDING, CONTRACTMARRIAGE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 453.8K readers with an average rating of 4.81/5 and 15 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 126 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A one-night stand was all she wanted. A one-night stand was not his style. Still, they ended up together in a night of passion. No names, no feelings, and no complications. They thought that their unexpected encounter was an isolated incident. However, fate had something else in mind. As they found each other, back in each other’s arms. Not in a passionate embrace, but with a contract that would bind them for a long time. An agreement they were both bond to honor. Daniella Hamilton was an heiress who wanted nothing to do with her father and her inheritance. She pursued her career to become a lawyer for the masses who could not defend themselves from the injustice in their current judicial system. Alexander Princeton, as the name suggested, was a possible heir, next in line to his father, the Duke of the Blackstone House. He also wanted nothing to do with the title or the prestige of the dying Royal Empire. To him, wealth was the real power. Would their agreement lead them to the fulfillment of their dreams or would it end up in a disastrous union? COVER PHOTO - Credit to the real owner...


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A must read for every lawyer/ law student who years for love and passion while pursuing their career. this novel simply screams passion and obfuscates the heart with its dramatic story and drama.


If it's your first time to be here, then I want you to continue and read along. A man and woman met and that became the turning point of their lives! I liked how descriptive the author is and overall, it was a pleasure to read!


Reveal spoiler


I like how the story is going on.. the mc is bold and strong just my type in the story. while the ml is caring and sweet the story is well detailed. hope to read more soon


MUST TRY THIS BOOK!! oh i love their first encounter, can't wait to see what happens to them next! will they meet again? will he be able to find the girl again? Another interesting story author sama❤️, keep up the good work[img=recommend]


highly recommended for those romantic at heart...this had been recommended to me and been its worth the coins/fast pass...thank you author for taking time to research well...


More updates pleaaaaaaaaaaaasssse. The story was so interesting that I can't wait to read the following updates but I have a suggestions about the plotting because almost all the chapters theirs a flashbacks happening were it gives a little bit of headache to understand because I really do need to scroll back on what happened to the first point of view of the story and that's all and the rest was good hehehehe💖💖💖💖








Just a quick questioN are U a law student or practising lawyer ? 😂😂😂 nice Story though 👍👍 hopefully they will be good outcome with the characTer….


woot woot!! have you read this already??? because you totally SHOULD!!! it's definitely a page turner for me! I was hooked from the first chapter and before you know it, ive gone from chapter to chapter hehehe... Keep it up, author. I'll be silently rooting for you ❤❤


This is another interesting story. Quite different from the usual story I've read. Looking forward to more exciting scenes from Alex and Dani. Keep on updating. I will be waiting for the rest of the story. Good job author.


This simply screams sizzling but not too vulgar. And the story plot, is amazing... very interesting, a real page turner. Well written, and very easy to read.


superb writing! the start was so intriguing and the characters are so alive! more chapters please dear author.. i want to know what happens next with the two MCs.. maybe juicier scenes too? 😂😂😂


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