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As amazing at the fanfic is, I should warn those that will read the fanfic, it is most likely dropped because it's been a year since the last update. Now for the facfic itself:Writing Quality: it's high quality, if you ignore some grammar errors.The MC: the mc is a normal teenager that have played elden ring before and got transported to it as a tarnished, and it shows in the few chapters where he doesn't have experience in fighting and have to risk himself just to win, and even in the future chapters he made some mistakes, which is makes him better than some MCs who is always have the perfect plan and have perfect execution, even when they're just a normal person before. The power he wielded, the frenzied flame, also affected him, albeit slowly, and the author shows it through the MC's actions.Characters: I can't say it's accurate to the lore in elden ring as I haven't played it myself, but I can say the characters as they should be in a world where monsters are roaming and fights broke everyday, the characters doubt the mc and sometimes wants to use for their own gain.World: It's elden ring, it's big, so the author is slowly expanding the world by the characters dialogue, example of this is when one character that met the mc told him about the festival that will happen in another place and where it will be.I'm not a good reviewer so take this with a grain of salt, I just want to review on this ff because this could have been an amazing one if it's continued.


Elden Ring: Transmigration


Liked it!

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