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Enjoyable read, seems like a tower climbing at first but so far doesn't seem like the case. After reading the first 3 arcs, I felt the story so far was a prologue. A large chunk was dedicated to the trial/entry to the tower per se. The overall story felt like it progressed slowly overall but the pace and action within the trial made it seem fast paced. The fighting scenes were well done and didn't feel repetitive. I liked how the MC was not always the strongest nor smartest one within the group. Other members are capable of making their own actions and pulling their own weight helping each other. Not being always dependent on the MC is rare. Though the 3rd arc MC took the reins. The characters are nice and they have their own quirks. They mesh well together. Though you still have some of your stereotypical characters. Some thing I disliked is that it felt repetitive that someone is knocked unconscious or captured and needed someone to save them. Characters got separated a lot in the trial so there was a lot of pov changes not bad at all. Additionally, there are a lot of named characters most might not get enough development. Lastly, a lack of deaths. There was always danger lurking around but nobody ever dies.

Broken Tower Saga : The First Swordsman


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