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Utter trash. Even in comparison to other novels on this site where the MC gets cucked by his own harem, this novel falls short. The author has made the MC into an absolute retard who has a beta personality and believes that men exist solely to serve women (a simp). The MC can’t figure anything out on his own, nor can he understand when things are told to him, and repeated multiple times. The dialogue in this novel is complete and utter garbage. This author has clearly never read a book before, nor have they ever come into contact with the opposite ***. The conversations simply make you cringe and feel like they were written by an elementary schooler who still thinks cooties are real. As for the ‘***’ scenes. All it is is a bunch of heart emojis put in the middle of sentences with sterotypical moaning sounds. There’s no build-up, just 0-100 moaning. Even for ‘research’ this novel doesn’t qualify. I could go on and on about how terrible this novel is, but frankly, it doesn’t deserve that. If you want to read a real R18 novel, read Naked Sword Art or Dual Cultivation, which are actually good.


The Rise of the Ero Masseuse System


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I don't see the need for so much hate. The novel is quite good and frankly, you just seem to be a hater.


naked sword art is a ded novel got any other good stuff to recommend ?