The Rise of the Ero Masseuse SystemThe Rise of the Ero Masseuse System

The Rise of the Ero Masseuse System

by Forestwind3

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It is the year 202X, this is an Earth whose history is slightly different from our own. However, it was that 'slight' difference that changed life on the world as we know it. Daniel Foster is an ordinary young man born in a time where young men and women, who come of age, can receive a System tailor-made to their potential. When it was time for Daniel to receive his, the one he received was called: the Ero Masseuse System. Through clearing certain conditions unique to them, people can level up their Systems. As you might have guessed, through completing many erotic conditions, Daniel is able to level up his System. For a young teenaged boy, such a System is usually a dream come true. However, for the sake of Daniel's goal, Daniel felt only deep disappointment with what appears to be a weak System. Wanting to vent, he told his best friend all about his true feelings. While laughing at his predicament, 'she' also pity for her disappointed friend. Wanting to do something, 'she' offered a surprising proposal. “…..Hey? If it’s okay with you, you can practice massaging. With me that is.” “….Huh?” From then on, Daniel's fate had changed completely. (*) indicates erotic scenes without penetration. (**) indicates erotic scenes with penetration. *I do not own the image.* *All rights go to their respective owners.*

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