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sooooooooooo story about incest which i don't mind. Like we know nothing about the world except that it's somehow like original earth so no world background that stood proudly... Well in fact in this story with 99% plot sex it's kinda useless. The character have human emotion that we can understand but don't go too much in details like we don't care about what the vendor think about the fact that our little perv mc pays for his lover cloth WE DON'T CARE The story has no solid plot only sex which somehow lead to a certain dream for the original keeper of the body but still, sex is good but too much sex is just boring not even erotic just boring. Moreover there is a thing that 100% of the readers says : "STOP MAKING THE MC CALL HIS AUNT AND MOTHER IN PUBLIC WHILE DOING LOVEY-LOVEY THING TOGETHER" If this was reality this would be already on news paper bro i'm being serious moreover in china where the slight thing you said is recorded and analysed. Ok you want to remind us that this an illicit relationship but like we won't FORGET BECAUSE WE HAVE MEMORY AS WELL + WITH THE TITLE AND JUST EVERTYHING IN THIS FUCKING NOVEL. Good luck for ya but dropped because i don't thing that using my fast pass on this **** while there is ****, hentai etc which are a 10000% better than a novel written by a beast in heat who think about fucking his mother and aunt !


illicit relationship


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