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After I left the exam room, my father turned to me and remembered something that happened. "I forgot to tell you, son. Your friends came to visit you while you were sleeping."

Listening to what he said, I was surprised, after all I did not expect that besides my family, other people would also come to visit me. "Who?"

Hearing my question he put his hand on his chin to try to remember the names and said. "If I'm not mistaken, their names were Daniel, Laura, Layla, Jason, our neighbor Liza, and a few others. I didn't know you made so many friends, I'm happy for you." He opened a smile after he said that.

"Really? I'll call them later." I said with my breasts warmed up because they came, even Jason, Layla and Laura that I knew only for one day came here to see me... it's good to know that concern.

When I called Danny, the first thing I heard was that he was happy I woke up, but soon after I felt the mood getting worse because he thought it was his fault what had happened, during the whole call he kept saying things like "If you hadn't brought me home, none of this would have happened". But I calmed him down by saying it wasn't his fault, it was the assholes who were betting racing illegally and hit me with the car.

Jason was concerned, not as much as Danny obviously was, since we only met once, but I could still feel his concern when asking about my condition.

When I called Laura, the excited girl I met that day could not be seen, the only person I spoke to was the worried friend who wanted to know if everything was okay. She even suggested that we postpone the music for another day wanting not to overload and tire me out, but I quickly denied it. I really wanted to know what our music would be like together, since her ability as a DJ was phenomenal, after seeing her bring the original Photographs back to the surface.

Layla sounded cold on the phone, but I could still feel the worry in her voice. That even made me think that maybe she is more relaxed when drinking? Or was it just because it was easier to talk in person?

Anyway, it's the turn of the most problematic person of all, Liz. When she answered me, the concern in her voice was noticeable, but so was the frustration. She was upset that I wasn't careful, that I left you too late, that I drank a lot of things, but I couldn't get mad at her, after all she was just like that because she was worried about me.

In order to calm the beast down, I promised her we'd have a pizza night when I got back, so we could celebrate my return. Just talking about pizza I've clearly noticed the improvement in her attitude... women really are easily conquered with food.

When I finished talking to everyone, I noticed a red laptop standing on top of a closet next to an electronic piano. Seeing this made my heart warm again, after all my parents had worried about bringing my things for me to use during the time I would have to stay in the hospital.

Speaking of laptop, I actually have a laptop, but I usually just use it to watch animes in bed, since I didn't get out of my room much, it was more practical to use the PC.

I turned on my laptop and started downloading the livestream programs using wifi from the hospital, thinking about the song I wanted to sing.

But before I could finish coming down, the bedroom door opened and a woman with red eyes entered the room, my mother.

"Hi, Mom." I said with a little smile on my face.

"Hey, Mom? You almost killed me with worry Zhanye! You don't know how hard it was to spend this week without you at home, without even knowing if something could happen to you". She said it while holding me.

"It's okay, Mom, look at me? Can you get any better than that?" I said as I flexed my arm muscles trying to look stronger.

"Is everything okay? You've been in a coma for a whole week and you come and tell me you're okay? Okay, you're okay, right? When you get home we'll see about that." She said with a look that made me swallow dry in concern.

We talked for a while, until she decided to go out for a little while to give me a break.

I took advantage of her output to finish installing the live stream programs and pressed the key to go live.

[3, 2, 1, live.]

In just a few seconds, my empty chat began to be flooded with messages from hundreds of different people.

[DramaticVanilla: Zy?! My God, I'm so glad you're okay! With all the rumors going around I even started thinking the worst. I was so worried.]

[FoxFace: I'm glad you're here Zy! When I saw the comments in your Instagram I was so worried that something bad might have happened to you].

[MichaelAugust: That's the sing of Photographs?! My God, bro, I'm so glad you're okay! I didn't think I'd find you here at Switch.tv]


Before I could respond to the comments, more and more people were posting some message, getting to the point where I was no longer able to follow all the messages.

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I looked at the number of people watching and once again I was amazed, I'm glad that my heart is strong, otherwise I would have serious problems with how many surprises I had received today.

The number of people watching me now was over 1,000, and that number kept rising, looking like it would continue to rise indefinitely.

"Hey guys! As you can see, more alive than that is impossible!" I said with a smile as I used one hand to stretch my cheeks showing that I was for real. "But as you can see, apart from not wearing my clothes, I'm not in my room either." I said as I picked up the laptop and turned the camera around showing that I was in a hospital room.


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