33 33 - Ride

When I left the room after finishing my live stream, I met my grandparents, who were watching a children's drawing with the children.

The look my grandfather was giving of confusion when he saw so many meaningless colors passing by the screen was priceless.

"Are you enjoying this work of art, Grandpa?" I asked with a laugh as I sat next to him.

"Work of art"? That doesn't make any sense! That girl on the screen keeps singing a song about everything she's going to do, if she's going to get a backpack, open a map, even asking where the fox is... where are the good drawings?" He said, frustrated.

"That's what kids like these days, look at them both," I said as I pointed at the twins.

Following my finger, he saw that Henry and Sue were watching the glazed drawing as if it were one of the best things in the world.

Last night and today during breakfast, my grandfather and I talked a lot about the piano, many things he said gave me a lot of insights on what to do and how to think, and my improvement was evident in my status.

Zhanye Black

CHARM: 62/00

AGI: 64/00

STR: 53/100

INT: 74/100


Cooking: 75/100

Workout: 46/100

Champions Strike: 65/100

Voice: 37/100

Drive: 43/100

Piano: 51/100 -> 55/100

Points to Distribute: 2

An improvement of 4 points in just one day is unimaginable, since when I realized that every 10 points the difficulty to get more increases, those 4 points that I got if I was still in the 10s, would probably give me at least 16 more points.

After lunch, I say goodbye to my grandparents who will be leaving soon and get the car keys so I can patent some songs, I don't want to have the problem of people starting to copy me.

Since I didn't know how long it would take there, I decided to take my gym clothes directly, that if the time was too short, I could go directly to the gym there.

When I got there, I thanked you for bringing the gym clothes. The line was huge, just to patent some songs I took over two hours.

I arrived at the academy after that and I had a hard time with Daniel when we were leaving, he saw that I was driving and by the look of him, I understood what he was going to say.

"I can't believe Zy, you with a BMW at your disposal, and never offered to take me home?" He asked, pretending to be dramatic.

"Man, you practically live next door, why would I need to take you home?" I asked as I rolled my eyes.

"It's not about the distance, buddy. It's about the intention, let's take a walk on this little beauty!" He said it while caressing the hood of the car.

"Do you just want to take a walk around the block?" I asked while accelerating the car.

"Nah, I just wanted to know if I'd die if I had to take a ride with you drunk, and you passed the test. Now you can be my party driver, feel honored!" He answered while he was poking his nose.

"Hohoho, I'll be your driver? I think it would be interesting if I stopped in the middle of a highway and made you walk back, hm?" I accelerated towards the nearest highway.

"All right, all right! I was kidding; I'm too tired to walk the way back... I was just about to call you anyway, some friends from high school called me to a party that's going to take place tomorrow. Since you're already my friend, and you're going to get into college too, I think it'll be good to introduce you to the staff first." He said.

"Oh, a party?! It's been a while since I've been to one, tell me the place and the time." I said excitedly.

I went to parties almost every weekend in my last life, but in this one I didn't have anyone to keep me company, so I spent the whole time at home molting in my room.

"Local? Do you think I'll tell you about the place? You're gonna come home at 7:00, and you're going to give me a ride there." He responded with a suspicious look.

"Damn... I thought I could get rid of you..." I pretended he figured out my plans.

I left it at home and went straight to mine, after taking a shower I turned on the computer and logged into my QiTube account. The 700 daily viewers yielded me more than 300 subscribers to my channel, as the staff wanted to see other moves I had made.

I took the video where I sang 'Apologize' and uploaded it to my channel, hoping to attract more audience.

For the rest of the night, I used my remaining time to practice my singing and my piano until I finally slept.

The next day, I woke up with my cell phone vibrating nonstop. I thought someone might be calling me, but when I lit the screen, I saw that many notifications were coming in nonstop.

I unlocked the device, and seeing that the notifications were from QiTube, I was very excited.

My videos about [CS] usually have an average of 500 to 1,000 views, and that, to me was already a large number since my channel was small.

But looking at the Apologize video, my heart raced for a fraction of a second. Just at dawn, the video had reached the 5,000 views mark! Usually, during the sunrise, it is the time that the video generates fewer views, so if all goes well, today during the day, it may reach the 10,000 views.

I looked at the subscriber counter and saw that the number kept rising; for every F5 I gave on the page, the subscriber count increased by one person.

Perhaps completing the mission of 1,000 applicants is no longer a long-term task.


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