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Happy Heart's Day! And also my heart was captivated by the character! This story is interesting and I almost fall in love with Zeng. Nice work author ❤️


Greatest book I have read here so far. The writer is awesome at making the story lovable and full of fun from the start. Amazing writing style that hooks you and never lets go. Among the very best plots I have seen develop. You want to read a story that is memorable then this is it. A clear and emphatic 10/10 and a real 5 star quality. You are my favorite author so far.👏👏


i love the characters a lot!! they are absolute dumbasses but I love em!!! the story is also awesome, this goes to my reading!!! keep up the good work!!!


The writing quality is top notch and the synopsis got me hooked already, I loved how the story played out. I love how the characters and story developed. Kudos to the writer.


This is amazing there are not enough words to describe how great this story is. As a fan of LGBTQ+ novels, I tend to look for novels that stand out. This one definitely stands out. Everything from the characters to the plot draws you in. I can wait to see more.


Interesting storyline and beautiful writing! The story reminds me of the HK tvb dramas of the police academy I've watched in my younger days. Author has done a good job expressing the thoughts and experiences of the characters through dialogue. I like the style of the writer! it's fun and easy to read!!


A***, this story fits perfectly to my preferred genre. BL and the Police Academy. It gives me the engaging kind of vibe that makes me chuckle, smile, nods and goo Ooooh as I read. And this is a great feat. Well done author. I hope you keep writing for more! Keep up the good work!


I love how the story started, as a fan of LGBT stories, I recommend this to everyone to read. I also love the author. I love how the characters turned out.


The author's dedication and hard work and paid off, really loved the characters and their descriptions, the world background, and the identities were absolutely astonishingly designed. keep it up!


Awesome is the word for it! A burning, angst romance that grips you and leaves you wanting more. The characters are loveable and the plot is, as said earlier, amazing! A must read!


Brilliant! Brilliant! The number of times I have said brilliant to describe the book show how marvellous it is to read. It's so nicely written that it grips you from the very beginning. The characters are very well written. The plot is outstanding and excellent. I absolutely love everything about this book. The author really knows the ingredients of a good novel those are great story, lovable characters and superb dialogue. If you haven't started reading now you just reading now because this book is a work of genius. To the author you have my applause and respect. Readers please read this book you won't regret one bit.


This novel has an engaging plot and the execution has fluidity that propels to the next scene quite easily. In other words, it's easy to get hooked and go on reading. Keep on writing, author. All the best.


I love how the story started and progressed. The author has done a good job building characters. As a fan of LGBT stories, I recommend this to everyone to read. Can't wait to see the next update.


Hey guys, this is Trusha, the author of You Won't Understand Me. I hope you are enjoying the book. I enjoyed writing it! Thank you for all your love and support for this book. I really appreciate it ❤️.


I haven't read about these kind of genre before and this is prolly the first one, not gonna lie, I absolutely loved reading it! I was captivated by the characters. The author did a good job! Kudos!


I just love the characters 💞and everything else 😅. I suck at describing tings but seriously I just love this book!!! I highly recommend it!!! I'm gonna continue to read it now, bye. 👋☺️🥰