World Wanderers
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World Wanderers


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What is World Wanderers

Read World Wanderers novel written by the author FushiBlank on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, system, cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Genre: Action, Adventure, World travel, Romance, Overpowered MC, Cultivation, ruthless MC, Evolution Special tags: No harem, no annoying characters, MC will kill anyone regardless of their gender, love interest will not be annoying (in fact I will make her as likable as possible), and they won't fall for each other at the first chapter after meeting, Kingdom building This story is about a Boy named Luan who was quite fond of manga and games. He always wanted to get stronger like those characters he saw in them. Long story short, his parents are running away from other immortals. His father implants a system in our MC that would give him the perfect body for cultivation and a Scythe that can slow time to a 1:10. Before his parents die, they send him to a different planet so the immortals would have a hard time finding our MC and he could travel worlds and get stronger. BTW the MC at first will be a normal kid not willing to kill monsters at FIRST but after a few chapters he'll become badass and ruthless but also kind and not a mindless fool. Note: I have close to none experience in writing any story so this is just me writing something when I'm bored and the consistency of the chapters will vary. Well that is true if I'm not getting support. If I get your support, I try to upload as much as possible. Constructive criticism is always welcomed and please be nice to the comments section :) Also this story will include some concepts and elements from some of the popular mangas and novels like Tensura Solo leveling And many more *The cover picture is not mine* if you want me to take it down, please contact me

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I'll really appreciate if you guys give this story a try because the it will pick up pace after 2 to 3 chapters after starting. I read alot of Chinese manhua with a cultivation plot but the same cliche is repeated again and again in like "revenge" getting stronger than "heaven" for no particular reason at all. This story will be about MC who will grow as the story is progressing for good or for bad oh and he has concrete reasons for his actions. There will be very few "young masters" because complete absence of something is not great and getting too much of something is also not good



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