202 Chaos-Attributed Ultimate Magic Circle, Becoming A Master Mage!

After assuring Zanna, Alister used all of the energy he could muster to cover his body. Whether it was astral energy, viral energy, transcendent mana, mana, mental power, or aura, Alister became a human light bulb.

With his Power Unity Physique, those different types of energies didn't run rampant and conflicted with each other. As with great unity, all the energy in Alister's body might not have combined into one, but it was laid on top of each other like various layers.

With different energies superimposed with each other, Alister mustered the strongest defense he had ever created. After ensuring that his chances of withstanding the erosion of the Sea Of Chaos had increased, Alister took off his shirt and pants and only had underwear shorts left.


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