Wolves and ghosts Book

novel - Fantasy

Wolves and ghosts


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Alice looks like a calm but rather boring person. She doesn’t have many friends, she doesn’t speak much, or at least that’s what others see in her, but she has a talent, a really annoying talent: She can see ghosts. She meets Nicholas, the Alpha of the Blue Lake pack, a charismatic and narcissist man at an unfortunate party. He wants her, she wants nothing more than to be away from him. What will happen when her life becomes more of a mess after realizing ghosts are not the only annoying thing she has to deal with? -------------- “Mate’s body… I want to bite it, taste it. I want it!” Apollo, my wolf, shouted and that makes my smirk wider. Finally, something we can agree on. “Please stop lusting over my body. I dislike that very much”. “Does it make you uncomfortable?” I say while walking towards her and biting my bottom lip. Once I reached her, I take off the hood of the onesie. I lean until my face was next to her ear “don’t be afraid, I’m sure you’ll like it” I say while biting her earlobe. “ah” she exclaimed as if she just realized something. She takes a step back and I let go of her ear, I don’t want to hurt her. She looks and points at me with one finger “Exhibitionist?” she says with sparkling curiosity. “I’m not a fucking exhibitionist!” I can’t believe she actually thinks something so stupid! “But when I saw you in the forest you were naked, then you slept shirtless and now you’re making sexual innuendos in a crowd. I supposed that’s what an exhibitionist does”.