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Previously on What if a thief gets reincarnated,

One mage spoke up and said we have found your target majesty'. I was happy, someone who technology could not find was caught by magic. Here I come, Jack the Ripper.

The lights are red ,the target is locked on. I am gonna get some cool new skills ,after I find and kill that killer

I said to the mage to find the exact location ,he focused on the magic and said ' the target is two streets away',

I hurried there immediately with Desmond and a few guards.

Is it weird that I wanna see a serial killer die, I hope it is not ( It is weird ) ,I went to see Jack immediately ,

I felt like I wanted a world record for finding a serial killer who was not found,it would be great.

I found Jack. He was a 50 year old man with grey hair.

He was a bit short. He had a knife in his hand.

Around him there was a magic circle which was glowing red.

He was scared of seeing it.

He was looking around him frantically.

He saw me and the guards.

he said' no no no 'he said that in English.

When I came to this world I realised that their language is different.

but thanks to magic, it was just like any other language, I knew.

I have learnt a lot of languages when I was a thief ,it was easy because of that,

Desmond said ' he is speaking in a different language'

Of course ,no one understands English here, only I do, so I took it as an advantage and spoke to him.

I said ' are you Jack the Ripper' in English to him, he was shocked to hear me ,

Desmond asked ' king should we capture him '

I said him to wait, I wanted to speak to him for some more time,

he said how can you understand me '

I said ' cause I am from the same world as you'

I wondered how he was here cause I was reincarnated as soon as I died,

considering that he was reincarnated as soon as he died he should be dead in this world by now, how is he alive

.i asked him ' how are you alive '

he did not answer, he took his knife and charged toward me .

, I was sure that I will not be able to dodge it I closed my eyes,

but just as the knife came near me one of the guards used some magic and created some chains and captured him,

I was satisfied .

After he was captured Desmond ordered the guards to have him punished now.

I wanted to talk to him about how he was living these many years, perhaps he is immortal.

His mouth was closed by a piece of cloth he was struggling with.

The gods were torturing himand were was being beaten.

I saw Desmond looking at it and laughing.

I remembered something similar about this situation.

Tears were rolling from my eyes.

I told Desmond to stop.

He did not hear what I said.

I screamed at him to tell the guards to stop.

But they did not listen.

I was crying, I haven't cried since that day.

That Day

I was at college.

I was at least 19, My exam results were out, I was the topper.

I wanted to go home so soon to see Dimitri and say that his efforts has paid off.

But he was caught on that day

The police found that he was the local thief.

he was caught, he was chained just like this and was beaten to death.

I remember him stealing for my studies, for my health, for my welfare him and, everything for me, for my life.

I have killed and stole from many people.

But this was the day when I felt something in my heart.

It was just like that day, his clothes became bloody, he said /this is hell/ ( words in // are said in English)

I said / yes/, he was dead.

Desmond looked at me and asked' king could you speak in another language

I heard a message


You have completed a quest.

System upgrade


I said ' you are fired'

He said ' my king I didn't do anything wrong did I'

I said ' you killed someone'

I grabbed his shirt and said ' you are fired'

I let him go, he said ' as you wish my king'

I went to the palace, I saw blade and said' prepare for the ceremony of crowning and advisor '

He was confused, he asked me why but I didn't answer. I went to my room and cried for hours.

I don't understand why I cried for the death of a serial killer.

I cried and cried, it solved nothing.

I fell asleep, he came into my dreams again. God.

This guy planned my punishment perfectly.

He made me kind, he gave me a useless system and a kingdom of fools.

And also he recreated a very important memory from the past.

He was sitting in a garden and drinking tea.

I saw him, I picked up a stone and threw it at him, it went right through him.

He said ' you are hopeless'.

I was ready to kill him, but I couldn't I asked him a question ' how did Jack The Ripper live so long'

He laughed and said 'it is simple, I gave him a quest just like you a never-ending quest, it was to recreate his murder every year I will give him a year to live

I said ' why was he scared when he died'

He said ' he killed innocents he learned about emotions, he hesitated but he had no choice, I saw that he hesitated and killed him'

I said ' so you enjoy people taking others life' he nodded

I was angry, wasn't God supposed to be good, this guy is creepy.

He said ' your story is interesting so I will let you live for now if it gets boring, you will end up like poor Jack'

He was crazy, after he said that he brought me back to my room.

I sighed, I can't believe I am entertainment for someone.

Anyway, tomorrow morning, I will be replacing Desmond with Blade, so I gotta rest.

To be continued….

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